Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

Barn Charm – And More On Mrs. E.

For Barn Charm this week, I’m sharing more photos of the barn that you caught a glimpse of on my Friday’s Fences  post last week.

This is the barn at Mrs. E’s old homeplace. When I see this barnyard, I remember a rainy day several years ago, when Mrs. E’s dog, Chip, was out and refusing to come back inside.

(A little background: Chip came into Mrs. E’s life as an abused little pup, and she nursed him back to health. Years later, Mrs. E. had survived all the members of her immediate family, and caring for Chip became her main focus in life.)

Back to the barnyard story: Mrs. E. was convinced that Chip was ill, and probably wouldn’t live through the day.  So she and I were out in the pouring rain, trying to persuade him to come back in the house. She didn’t want me to attempt to pick him up, for fear he would bite me. And she wasn’t in physical condition to lift him.

Finally, we somehow managed to get Chip back inside (food was probably involved).  The three of us were completely soaked. Chip lived several more years, as did Mrs. E.  She and I laughed many times at the memory of that rainy day in the barnyard.

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