Daily Archives: May 16, 2012

Sundae Says…Let’s Try Yoga!

Hi! It’s Sundae, your kitty yoga instructor.  For today’s exercise, have your human place a kitty toy on the tummy area. Then raise the left hind foot as shown.

Be patient and stay focused while your human takes countless photos of you.

And while she and another person in the room (who shall rename nameless, but who has dark hair, a beard and wears a Phish cap) laugh at the length of time you remain in this position.

Then, to prove your versatility, raise your head slightly off the floor, still holding the hind leg in position.

Finally, have your human remove the kitty toy. Be sure to retain the position of the hind leg. This is vital to the exercise.

Continue to practice at home until you’re able to hold the position for several minutes. Your goal is to amaze your humans; I know you can do it!