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Capturing Our Spring

This is the prompt I chose today for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop:

4.) Share a picture that you think captures Spring for your family this year.

And here’s my picture:

This photo shows the results of just one trip to the nursery/greenhouse this spring. (There have been many.)

Within these boxes are:

3 Coleus plants
2 Lantana
4 Muhly grasses
1 Dahlia
1 Mussaenda
4 Angelonia
3 Phlox
and 2 little shrubs with blue flowers that don’t have a name. Well, I’m sure they have a name, but I don’t know what it is.

You’re probably thinking that this picture certainly shows what Spring is like for ME, but what about the other members of my family?

Well, Marshall has accompanied me on many of my greenhouse trips. He has helped me carry the loot merchandise to the car. He and Motor Man both have been patient as I searched high and low at several locations for Black-Eyed Susan vines. I finally found those, but they aren’t shown in this picture.

As for Motor Man, he helps me plant the items that are in the bigger containers. Post-hole diggers aren’t very girl friendly, so he helps out with that job.

And I’m proud to report that everything in these boxes has been planted either in a flowerpot or in the ground.

But what’s still waiting to be planted shall remain my little secret. My friend, Pam, says I’m a plant addict. And I think she may be right.

I’m seeking therapy. But in the meantime, where’s the nearest greenhouse?

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