Barn Charm

Today’s Barn Charm pictures were taken during our recent trip to Kenly, NC.

We stopped to take pictures of several barns. There’s just one problem.

I didn’t make note of the location of any of them.

My best guess for this one is near Elizabeth City.

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22 responses to “Barn Charm

  1. Well, WHEREVER it is, it’s a nice, well attended to barn in a nice, well attended to field! We’ll call it Dianna’s Mystery Barn since you don’t remember exactly where it was – but then it’s the barn that counts anyway not WHERE. Happy Rainy Tuesday!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Very nice barns! I like the style of them.

  3. Since I’ve never been to Kenly, I’d have no idea where they were even if you told us.

  4. Very cool barn! This blog was an encouragement blog to me, since you didn’t know the EXACT location. You are so much MORE “organized and together” than I will ever be!! 😉

  5. looks like they need a newer fence. (:

  6. I love that charming barn you snapped for this week. Love the wood gate, the windows all in a line and even though the fence is all willy nilly wonky it looks like electric fencing, maybe it is in use… 🙂

    I can’t believe Pam up there says you all have MORE rain, we need it BAD. No rain for a month and a half. And it has been hotter than h. e. double L!!!

  7. It’s quite charming wherever it is! Nice shot!

  8. Love that first shot – tells us about the barn and the season! The beautiful wood is a standout against the bright green and blue!

  9. Love all the cut-out “windows.” The lot is nicely kept, too.

  10. I really like this one! That “weathered” wood is awesome.

  11. i like the wood on this!

  12. ah.. a barn charm mystery! I know I’ve said this about many Barn Charm features, but here’s another example of barn and landscape coming together perfectly – especially in the first pic 😉

  13. I just thought of you while driving down to KH. I saw your little foal with him mama! He was laying down in the tall grass. I’m down here with ALL the pets while my hardwood floors are being re-done. I can’t come home till Friday night! Then I get to clean up and put everything back. I’d rather be out looking for barns!

  14. A very nice barn, wherever it is!

  15. well you are very lucky to have more then one so you are able to forget!! this one is a beauty, neat and tidy with symetrical construction!!

  16. It doesn’t matter where it is, it’s charming!

  17. Nice old barn and so very clean and tidy around it!

  18. Wherever it is, looks like the owners are taking care of it, absolutely nothing out of place, very tidy! I wish they was all that nice & tidy! LoL!
    Great blue sky & green grass, too… it’s so dry here!

    Thank you muches & bunches for joining =)

  19. This barn still looks in fine shape..looks built so square and true.

  20. Ok, another idea for a coffee table book, this one on barns! You have a great collection of photos. I had no idea there were so many old barns around. Charming, and sweet that so many are still in use, and aging gracefully! ~ Sheila

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Where every it is it’s a great barn. I agree with Marshall about the first picture. The landscape and barn make a good picture.

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