Rainy Day On The Beach

Last Sunday was a rainy one on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. But since Motor Man and I had never ridden on the beach in the rain, we decided to give it a try.

No sunrise today.

Because of the strong surf, there was quite a bit of beach erosion.

It was certainly different from any of our previous drives on the beach.

We decided that most of the horses were “sleeping in”, because we only saw a few, including this one, who obviously wasn’t interested in having his picture taken.

This is a large sand dune, just off the “beach road”, known as Penny’s Hill. Motor Man says drag races took place there years ago. It’s a pretty area, even on a less than perfect weather day.

The scenery reminded of a romantic movie. I’ve never seen Nights At Rodanthe, but it kept coming to mind, although we were miles north of the town of Rodanthe.

At one point, the sun came out briefly and reflected on the waves, just as a flock of seagulls was taking flight.

Usually, we’re on the lookout for horses on the dunes and watching the sunrise over the ocean. But since we didn’t have either last week, I decided to keep an eye out for interesting seashells as we drove along the beach. Probably because of the heavy surf, I found quite a few, including several conch shells.

The shells are nice, but I’m hoping we’ll have a sunrise and horses on our next trip.


18 responses to “Rainy Day On The Beach

  1. Your photos just show that the beach, or wherever you are, can be interesting if you keep your eyes open and your mind free to enjoy! These are all interesting photos – love the gulls in flight against that sparkling water…but the shells, and even the rain-spattered glass are all good shots!

  2. The rain makes the beach beautiful in a different way. Love the shot with the gulls. I’m betting on a sunrise and horses next time!

  3. Oh the rainy day really doesn’t hurt the beauty of the beach at all……more “mood”……!

    Pam (and Sam)

  4. The beach jut can’t be beat…even on a rainy day. I enjoyed seeing the erosion!

  5. How quickly the tide changes. The shot of the beach erosion is interesting. What a good driver MM is. Be careful and don’t get stuck in the sand! 🙂

  6. Just beautiful. I can almost hear the waves….

  7. Your pictures are great. The weather at Garden City is fantastic and has been all week, but your pics look like they could encourage a little creativity.

  8. Always interesting to see the beach in such different weather!

  9. and i’m hoping for some of that rain!!!

  10. I like these! They’re subdued .. and they remind me of images you might see on a candle .. new: “Rain on the Beach” from Yankee Candles 😉

  11. Your photos remind me of so many trips to the beach when we lived in Oregon. Often trips were rainy with little sunshine, but the views were still fascinating.

  12. Those grey days make the blue sky days seem prettier, don’t they?

  13. I’ve been here four times today….and my boss keeps interrupting me before I can write a response!! The nerve 😉 I love these! I clicked on the one with the light and the flock of seagulls…and WOW! That’s a magical shot! I also love the mysterious fog cover…I can hear the peace, the waves, the wind. Also…I always love Marshall’s comments!!

  14. Your beach is still beautiful even when the weather has turned a bit nasty. Lovely shots.

  15. I love the beach on rainy days…it has a mystical feeling about it!

  16. even on the grey and rainy days the ocean beaches are a marvel, aren’t they? Of course, fog and mist always do remind me of Brigadoon!!

  17. The gulls is a wonderful shot. You got quite a treasure trove of nice shells! Will you be making something with them?

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The beach holds many wonders.

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