Barn Charm – Finally

This old barn is just on the outskirts of town. It’s barely visible from the main highway.

Motor Man and I know the landowner, as well as the caretaker, but rarely see them.

Saturday, as we drove by, the gate was open, so we ventured down the lane.

I wish it hadn’t been such an overcast day, but I’m glad to finally get pictures of this old beauty.

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26 responses to “Barn Charm – Finally

  1. That is a big barn.
    “But Rick” I’ll say when he turns into a driveway, “they’re not expecting us.”
    His response: “If the gate is open, we’re welcome.”
    Don’t you just love country neighbors?

  2. Poor old beauty it is!

  3. such a great barn. although it is falling down, such great character. hope to hear a reply from you about my barn. enjoy your week. (:

  4. That really is quite a large old barn. Loved being with the photographer while she did her “thing” on Saturday too…….! My favorite thing was noticing the adirondack chair on the “second floor”….what a view.

    Pam (and Sam)

  5. It is a beautiful old red barn! Very charming. Some BODY needs to save that one!!

  6. What a great barn! It must have bee a real beauty in its day…still has that charm though!

  7. Great old barn…it’s so big. A shame someone can’t restore it.

  8. Now that’s a big barn with lots of character. Wish he could talk and tell you all his history!

  9. Keep your eyes out for the owner or caretaker & see if they can tell you some history on this ol beauty! I just love these big ol barns =)

    I’m sorry about the badges page… I don’t know what happened, but a couple weeks ago I clicked on the Barn Charm link at the top of my page & the page loaded just fine, but when I clicked on the tools link to add the new badge the whole page just disappeared. I’ll work on getting it back up & running… here’s a link to the new badge itself… New Barn Charm Badge
    Is that the one you was looking for?

    Thanks a million for joining this week’s Charmiversary =)

  10. I love the way you always seem to have a camera with you, and you’re always searching for the perfect camera shots!

  11. poor old beauty.

  12. I’m sure it’s seen better days. That’s a big barn.

  13. It’s huge! What a fabulous barn! I love the color. I am so glad you were able to get pictures of it.

  14. Massive. With a gambrel roof, as well… This is one of the most impressive barns featured on barn charm! And even though I know where it is, I’ve never seen it before. A great post!

  15. Beautiful barn, hope it not wil fall down!
    Ingun, Norway

  16. She’s a beaut…. I love the symmetry of the first picture, but the side shots sure do show how GIGANTIC she is.

  17. At one time this must have been a real beauty. In its own way it still is. I love all those windows!

  18. This one is a real charmer! This is a very large barn and I love the placement of the windows.

  19. An open gate says welcome. And this old barn says ‘take my picture!”

  20. Now there’s a barn that could store some serious hay! I bet at one time it collected quite a bit of ton-age in hay from the surrounding land. Nice.

  21. Oh, I wish it were being repaired…it is a wonderful barn. Looks huge, too.

  22. I love those old barns with character!
    I’ve been meaning to ask, how’s your MIL coming along? Good I hope

  23. As a child, I would have loved playing in this barn! I wonder if it has kitties in it.

  24. That’s a large barn! Don’t you wonder about it’s first construction and all of the animals and hay bales and dances it has served up over the years?

  25. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    That’s what I call a big barn. In it’s day I am sure it was great.

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