Friday’s Fences – Virginia “Longhorn”

While out on a Sunday drive last week, we “met” this tough guy.

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16 responses to “Friday’s Fences – Virginia “Longhorn”

  1. They are really cool looking tough guys! I love it when we see them out in the country – a touch of the old west right here in the old east!


  2. Oh my–he may just have his eyes on you. And his ears are cocked–What are you saying on your side of the fence?

  3. Great shot! Glad you were on the other side of the fence!

  4. He is posing so nice for you…handsome dude!!!

  5. He looks pretty content, resting his long horns and all…… 🙂

  6. He’s a good looking guy. Where were his girls?

  7. Wouldn’t want to get on his bad side! And shouldn’t he be on the other side of the fence??! Love this shot….and so enjoy visitning your ‘neck of the woods’!

  8. sweet!

  9. Enjoying a nice day out by the fence ! He KNOWS that’s his turf, too !

  10. What a fun photo! Looks like he posed just for you! I love driving “in the country” and I can’t help buy feel a little envious of your ability to do that. Living on an island with limited roads, we don’t get the chance for countryside rambles, unless we’re down “south” in the lower 48. Doesn’t happen often enough for me! Thanks for sharing your views! ~ Sheila

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    He truly owns the field. Don’t think I would like to mess with him, but he really is a good looking longhorn.

  12. He’s a mighty fine fellow — exactly how close did you get?

  13. My son brought home a skull with horns that he obtained from a longhorn farm. Boy, those things are huge. I don’t even know what to do with it. But they do look divine and rather dangerous wandering about in the pasture.

  14. I hope you stayed on the other side of the fence! :-O

  15. He looks pretty content. Are you the bull whisperer? 🙂

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