Barn Charm – Peanut Field

Over the weekend, Motor Man and I were driving on some back roads in Surry County, my “home” county, and the neighboring county to where we now live.

We came upon a field where peanuts had been harvested, and the peanut vines had been baled. And in the background…..a barn.

This picture is a bit misleading, because there’s actually a narrow road between the field and the barn. So we were able to get a closer picture. It was very overcast, so not a good day for photos.

For those of you not familiar with peanut crops, after harvesting, the vines are baled and used as cattle feed.

And a weather update.  Hurricane Sandy obviously just skirted us as she trekked up the East Coast. We’re feeling very fortunate this morning. We had only minor tidal flooding, certainly nothing as severe as we’ve seen in the past, a little over six inches of rain, and we never lost electricity. Just as so many of you kept us in your thoughts and prayers when it appeared that we were in danger, we’re paying that forward as we think of those that were ultimately in the path of this storm.

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23 responses to “Barn Charm – Peanut Field

  1. Pretty farm, very charming! I’m glad you made out okay with Sandy, too!

  2. Glad you are all ok! Very interesting about the peanut vines. Charming barn and old tractor too! Love those round bales no matter what they are made of..:)

  3. Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal and that Sandy has moved on without doing too much damage. Love the peanut field – especially the bit about the cattle feed. Now that is ‘green’. No waste.

  4. I’ll bet the cattle love to munch on those bales.

    So glad for the update from your neck of the woods; like you, I’m thinking of others in her path today. We sure heard the wind howl all night here in West MI and are having 40-50mph wind gusts, rain mixed with snow. Frankie went outside this morning but started to back in, I had to nudge him out the door!!

    Take care!

  5. Yes, I think we made out well this time. It could’ve been much worse; more like an Isabel or Irene , and I know millions are dealing with it right now …

    Awesome barn! Glad there was a narrow road there so you could get some good pics!

  6. love the hay bales. take care & be safe. hope you made it through the storms ok … big hugs. (:

  7. Peanut vines hauled into round bales. The bales do look different made from those.
    Interesting day yesterday. As I was on a consulting call and online lasting most of the day, one member in NY and another in Mass could not attend. We only had to wonder what they were contending with–loss of power for sure. My sister in Alexandria is mopping water from their first floor. Hoping she can still make it on Thursday.

  8. Wow, Dianna, we are so thankful that you dodged the Sandy bullet! And that is wonderful news that you didn’t even lose electricity.

    I learned something from you today – I never knew that about peanut vines rolled into bales. I bet the livestock enjoy that!

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures.

  9. Thank goodness you are o.k. For us, the storm has also been gentle with only snow flurries this morning and no power outages. I love your barn picture and like others, I had never heard of baling peanut vines. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  10. I didn’t know they baled peanut vines either. 🙂
    The shot of the barn and the bale and the tractor made for a lovely rural scene. Glad you faired well with the storm . My daughter in Chesapeake did as well. I’m sitting looking out at snow falling this morning.

  11. that barn looks particularly intriguing. So glad that you fared better than expected through sandy!

  12. Relieved to hear you weathered the storm so well.
    Thanks for the update!
    Learned something about peanut crops!

  13. glad you did well!!!

    i like this old barn and peanut bales.

  14. How neat…Peanut Vine Round Bales. Bet the cows love them!
    Like MJ said above we too had 50mph gusts overnight up here in NE Michigan. Raining and snowing sideways now, will throughout the day here with 35-45mph winds. Good day to hang out inside. Todd thinks it would be a good day to go surfing out on the lake since it’s too wet to do anything in the fields! Ha.

  15. So glad you guys did alright through this messy and frightening storm…..I know you’re “old hands” at dealing with life on the water but it’s still nerve-wracking isn’t it!! Love the photo – I like how the barn is “tucked” into the woods and that old tractor is “standing by” for duty……never saw a peanut field before either.

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

  16. Glad that the hurricane was no worse for you…I was wondering who all in my blog world was in its path.

    I love this old barn…and no, I did not know about peanut vines being used for cattle feed. Another instance of learning something from blogging.

  17. Glad ya’ll weathered the storm ok. We were lucky here in Southern Md. as well. We ended up with 2 trees downed, one uprooted the other snapped in two! We didn’t see any flooding in our neighborhood and only lost power for about 20 minutes last night….I’d say we did pretty well considering what folks North of here have endured!

  18. I didn’t know they baled the peanut vines. Put it all to use! Glad you came through the storm unscathed.

  19. Thank you for the update—glad you and yours are in good shape 🙂

  20. Great barn and you got some really nice pictures of it in that setting. I never knew they baled peanut vines.

  21. Nice pictures. I love the old barn, although it has certainly seen better days. I didn’t know that the peanut vines were baled and used for cattle feed! You learn something new every day!

  22. 1st of all, I’m so glad you wasn’t hit hard by Sandy… she sure was a mean one, wasn’t she!

    Looks like a cool old barn & I esp like that 1st shot… love the bales in the foreground, the tractor off to the side in the background & the barn standing tall in the back! Great find =)

  23. What an awesome barn! Isn’t it SO excited when a close access point is discovered?? I have never seen peanut vine bales. Very cool!

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