Friday’s Fences – Sneaking Under

(A little background on today’s post: My great niece is in the Air Force and recently returned from a deployment to the mid-east. While she was away, she commented several times on my FB page about how she’d love to see the wild horses on the Outer Banks. Thankfully, she returned safely from her deployment earlier this month, and has come “home” to Virginia for a couple weeks. And yesterday, Motor Man and I took her to the Outer Banks to see the horses.)

 Some of the property owners in that area put up fences around their yards to keep out the horses. Well….in an attempt to keep out the horses. As you can see, that doesn’t always work the way it should.

Access gained.

“Yes, I’m on THIS side of the fence now.”

Do you have a problem with that?”

This is a “bonus” picture, since there’s no fence.  This is the same horse after she left the fenced-in yard and was on her way down the street.  We were really surprised at how the horses’ coats seem to have gotten furry since the last time we saw them. And I’m guessing that furry isn’t the correct word. But obviously they’re ready for winter.

blonde horse

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24 responses to “Friday’s Fences – Sneaking Under

  1. Furry, fuzzy, same difference .. they’re readying for winter 🙂 Love the look after she snuck under the fence LOL


  2. She’s a pretty horse no matter what side of the fence she’s on… on her winter fur coat – it’s cold down by the water!!

    Pam and Sam

  3. lol Horses are so funny sometimes. This gal is a healthy little lovely. It’s amazing how furry they get in the winter, they almost look like big unkept ponies. lol
    Give your great niece a big appreciative hug for me and tell I said thank you. Her bravery and heart are wonderful. 🙂

  4. Furry works for me and for her too I bet! I’m also betting she was crackin’ up over that wimpy fence.. 🙂 It sure is a pretty fence though! Very beach-ie. A little bigger rump and she would be looking like a Thelwell pony!

  5. I’m smiling remembering some of the beautiful OBX horse pictures you have posted. Perfect posts from home for your niece, Dianna.
    Have a wonderful weekend, decorating and all. (wink)

  6. I love the fact that there are still wild horses in the USA! Thanks so much for sharing. You are so lucky to live so close to these beautiful creatures!

  7. What a beauty she is! And you can just tell she’s feeling pretty smug about conquering that weak little fence. I love your “fences” posts. 🙂

  8. I’m glad she got to see some horses. My first horse looked like this one. A chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail and yes they do get a thick furry coat in the winter. I loved it…and I miss it.

  9. i love soft, winter coats on horses. so cute!

  10. She looks very healthy & proud .. that last pic is great … she’s heading to the next spot ! Glad the family trip to OBX was a good one .. & I’m glad she made it back safely from the mid-east 🙂

  11. Tee! hee! Its hard to keeps any animal out when they want in! Me wants to thanks yous and Sundae for your good thoughts for Bob. She is doing a little better.

  12. A nice winter coat for sure! Glad I’m not the only one having problems keeping animals where they’re supposed to be! Once our horses got out, went to the neighbor’s house and got their hair braided without us even knowing they were gone. We just noticed they’d had their hair done!

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful horse as always. So glad your niece got back ok.

  14. Such a pretty model you had to show off the fence. That was so sweet of you and Motor Man to share the OBX horses with your great-niece. Thank her for her service for me!

  15. Too cute.

  16. They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence; just one problem, I didn’t see much grass.

  17. Ha. An easy one to sneak under.

  18. Love this:) Am so glad she is home safe and sound:) Would love to see the wild horses…oh how blessed you are to see them and yes….horses always look for a way to go under or over or through….some can be very sneaky and smart in figuring out how to open gates….thank you so much for sharing this as I love seeing the horses and imagining what it would be like to see them in person:)

  19. Sneaking girl, maybe she went off to look for greener pastures. Looking a little sparse at home.

  20. The grass is always greener, and all that!! Still a cute post!!

  21. She is looking very healthy. Sometimes the horses have the swollen belly from too much salt, but she looks fantastic.

  22. lindyloumacinitaly

    Calling by as another participant in the Friday Fences meme, what a clever and interesting choice of post you made for the meme.

  23. Cute “Fences” post.
    Please thank your great niece for her service from us here in Michigan! A great thing to go and do to say the least. 🙂

  24. Adorable pony! Somehow I got really behind with your posts! It’s been crazy! We have four birthdays on top on top of Christmas in our immediate family in Dec and Jan (not counting Mom who makes five!) so these two months are always extremely hectic…really from Thanksgiving preps on, I can hardly take a breath! 🙂 I’ll be able to do better after this settles down (you may note it’s 4:30 am…finding a quiet minute for the computer! 🙂 )

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