Sundae Has Questions

Well, not really. I have the questions, but Sundae’s providing “comic relief” for this fairly dull and boring post. These pictures were taken during one of her almost nightly laser tag games with Motor Man.

Note the laser light on her paw

I have a couple of questions for my readers today. The first question is: are any of you having difficulty leaving comments on my blog posts? For some reason, just in the past few weeks, my sister has been unable to access the comment form. It’s there, but she’s unable to enter any text.  If you are having that problem, would you please drop me an e-mail at the address on my contact page? Thanks.

“almost got it that time!”

Second question: do any of you subscribe to receive e-mail notifications of subsequent comments that are left after your comment? I’m considering replying to each comment, but wondered if any of you either subscribe or just come back later in the day to read newer comments.

“so many things to ponder in this world…”

So there you have my dull, boring post for today.  Congratulations, you made it to the end.

“See ya!”

28 responses to “Sundae Has Questions

  1. While I’ve read about problems with WP comments some folks have (me included) not seen one about seeing the box but not being able to enter text! As for subscribing to comments – apparently lots of people do that (Sam’s got lots of comment subscribers) but I discovered after signing up for comments early on in my blog life my inbox was so inundated I quit subscribing! I do however often go back on my favorite blogs to see what others have commented (when I have time!!). I spend more time on the computer than I should ANYWAY….. LOL

    Hugs to Sundae (and you!)
    Pam and Sam

  2. If you’re on your computer and logged into WordPress, you should get a notification in the toolbar when someone has replied to your comments. So if I comment on your blog and you reply, I am notified.

    • But, “Rumpy”, if I comment on your blog and you reply to my comment, I wouldn’t get that on my notification toolbar, right? It’s just comments that are made on my blog that I receive. (I’m confused…)

  3. I see your posts in my feeder of blogs I follow as well as I get updates of new emails, but not new comments 🙂

    Sundae’s awfully cute, loved that last photo!

  4. Diane, you missed your calling ladybug. I was very entertained with Sundae’s pics while reading your blog today.

  5. Sundae’s so cute! Again Sundae, what would your human do without you? 😉

    I don’t post too many comments on your bloggie but never had any problem posting comments on any WP bloggie. Also when I do, I don’t subscribe to comments by email because from WP to WP I automatically get the answers in the notifications page (the notifications arrive in the little ballon on the top right the page).

    Have a great Thursday everyone!

  6. No, no problems here. Perhaps your sister’s computer needs an Adobe or Java update. You could write one of the “happiness engineers”. I find that they respond within a few days–not right away. Although several blogs I follow drop off my reader, I work it by unfollowing, then following again, and they return. However, the e-mail notification always works. I don’t do comment notifications via e-mail–just too much e-mail.
    Your posts are never boring–truly, I find them clever and delightful.:) T-Bob enjoys them too early in the morning, as it’s the one time of day I stay put as he sits on my lap purring.

  7. I haven’t had any problems leaving comments and sometimes I do subscribe to comments if I have asked a question. Otherwise I usually don’t.

  8. Sundae is so ding dang cute! No problems leaving comments. I never click follow-up comments via email. I usually come back later in the day to read comments or read the previous post’s comments when I come back for the new post in the morning. I do love my notification button.. 🙂 Best button WP ever gave us!

  9. No problems here either. I do not subscribe to comments by email because I tried it and would get so many that I didn’t have time to look at them. I do enjoy your blog and I see cute Sundae here today. Enjoyed playing with her yesterday. Loved that she wanted to sit with me!

  10. No problems commenting on your blog posts. And this one featuring Sundae is adorable. What a beautiful beautiful cat! I do not subscribe to comments by email because too many come in and swamp the page. So I miss a lot of replies to my replies if that makes sense. But I try to go back later when time permits.

  11. Sundae is so pretty. It’s so sweet that she helps you with this blog. I know it can get-out0of-hand sometimes. lol I admire how you’ve been posting for years and continue to do so. You’re an amazing lady. 🙂

    I’m not having problems. I’ve just been on break. But hopefully, I’m back to blogging like a good blogging buddy for awhile. 😉
    I don’t subscribe to comments. I check back to see if there’s a reply, I sometimes miss the responses though.
    You’re welcome to email me anytime you want. I don’t mind a bit. 🙂

  12. You are so clever to intermix the cuteness of a kitty with some mundane “blog housekeeping” questions… No problems leaving comments and who has time to subscribe to follow-ups… Have a beautiful day in your corner of the world!

  13. itsallaboutpurple

    very cute images = not a boring post. great questions!! i do not return to an entry i have commented on, to look for a reply. i sometimes reply to comments via email, if the commentor includes their email address/reply ability when they comment. i have not had any difficulty leaving comments, i do not visit you every day. but i should!!

  14. Can you hear me now?

  15. I haven’t had any problems with commenting, just having the time lately to comment is my only problem! Love the cute photos of Sundae.

  16. Never boring here! It looks like Sundae has a new favorite game ! The only thing I see sometimes is something about ‘compatibility mode’ ? But I think that’s on my end; a little dialog box pops up, and the email and comment boxes look different, but I can see all the photos & text, and my comments always post ??? Who knows ???

  17. sundae, you’re too cute. 🙂

    i don’t subscribe to receive comment replies anywhere. and i’ve had no problem getting to comments at your place.

  18. I love your blog and Sundae so I have nominated you for an award! you can collect it here:

  19. Linda Spencer - Georgia

    I enjoy your pictures of the horses so much!! I also love Sundae.

  20. We haven’t had any trouble yet. And sometimes we subscribe to comments or sometimes we check back. Or sometimes mom forgets and I never know what happened at all. But usually the first two.

  21. Cats are so entertaining!

    I haven’t had problems commenting on your blog. When I had my free wordpress blog, I had people tell me they had problems leaving comments. I haven’t heard any complaints since I moved over to a self hosted site.

    I do not subscribe to comments and I usually only check back for replies if I ask a question in my comment.

  22. I don’t do the email notifications for comments for the same reason a few other commenters made — too many emails. I don’t have problems commenting on your blog and the toolbar notification seems to work well for alerting me when someone has responded to my comment. I follow my favorite blogs from My Reader on WP, but sometimes I wonder if all of my readers are receiving my blog on there. I don’t know, it seems everything is glitchy often. Anyway, our Callie is ‘addicted’ to her mousey laser pointer, so I thought the photos of Sundae were oh, so cute! And your blog is never boring, Dianna!

  23. No problems here, Dianna. Give Sundae a big hug for me.

  24. Sundae is so cute looking for that laser. Our kitties love it too. I haven’t had any problem leaving a comment. But I don’t think I’ve seen your replies, but I wouldn’t come back to check. I would normally read my replies in ‘Notificaitions’ at my own blog (even though they come by email too).

  25. I don’t usually subscribe to comments. I go to “Comments I’ve made” on my Dashboard to see any follow-ups, but I don’t think very many blogs show up there.

  26. No problem leaving comments…like Cheryl, my only problem is finding time!! I don’t subscribe to follow up comments, either.

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