Daily Archives: December 24, 2012

Random Thoughts And Pics

A few random thoughts and recent photos on this Christmas Eve:

Saturday, I made Oreo Balls for the first, but probably not the last, time.  Yummy recipe here (except I used white chocolate, rather than dark). Our friends came for a visit last night, and Nana and Papa gave Tanner a little taste.

tanner and oreo ball

He approved. Credit for the caption goes to Tanner’s dad, Joe.

"What? You've been keeping chocolate from me all this time?!"

“What? You’ve been keeping chocolate from me all this time?!”

Dear Santa….

db and horses

Okay, so these aren’t really REINdeer, but when we saw them in our yard Saturday afternoon, I was reminded of Santa’s trip tonight.


Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! Care to share any random holiday thoughts?