Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

A Model (A) Christmas

Our small town Christmas parade took place Saturday in downtown Smithfield. Not to sound Scrooge-ish, but I didn’t attend.

However, later, I did see a few vehicles on our side of town that obviously had taken part in the parade.


These are, from the best I can determine, Model A Fords. I wasn’t sure about the difference between Model A’s and Model T’s, so I did a little research. My first source, of course, was Motor Man, and he knew that the “T’s” were the earlier models, but wasn’t exactly sure of the years.

in a row

Model “T’s” were built from 1908 til 1927, and the “A’s” were from 1928 til 1931.

red truck

These license plates (which I’ve scrambled to protect the owners’ identities) showed 1931.


Bringin’ home the Christmas tree

I was happy to see that “Rudolph the red nosed bear” had a warm, cozy blanket on which to ride.

rudolph bear

Whenever I stop to take pictures, I wonder what passers-by are thinking. But, as I took these, anyone who recognized me and knew that I was Motor Man’s wife, didn’t think twice.


I was just capturing what, most likely, would have been our favorite part of the Christmas parade.