The Travelling Tripod

One of the blogs I follow is All About Purple. Debbie and her husband, Chuck are always going on fun outings, and she often posts photos of the two of them together. I used to think she asked strangers to take all those pictures. Then, a few months ago, Debbie wrote that they have a portable tripod.

That started me thinking: my camera has a timer setting on it.  Hmmm.  So I asked Motor Man for a tripod for Christmas. And he said that he would certainly get one for me, but we already had one.

I knew that, even before we were married, Motor Man had a pair of binoculars off to the side in an upstairs sitting room. I’ve even used them once or twice to look out across the river. But since I knew nothing about tripods, I thought the “stand” they were mounted on was a stationary one.

binos on tripod

Then, in just a few easy steps, Motor Man demonstrated that, indeed, we do have a portable tripod.

tripod collapsed

We’ve already used it a few times. We took it to Vermont. (You just knew there would be more pictures, didn’t you?)

jr db scott covered bridge

And we’ve taken it to the Outer Banks. Motor Man bought a cottage there the year before we married. And that’s where he proposed to me. Last month, as we were preparing to sell the cottage, we wanted a picture of us, taken exactly where he proposed.  Easy peasy: 10 seconds to pose.

db jr cottage

Oops. A lot can happen in 10 seconds.

db jr ksising

So that’s the story of our little travelling tripod: no longer homebound. Stay tuned for more of its adventures.


24 responses to “The Travelling Tripod

  1. Nice photos! I love my tripod…and I bought a remote release cable for mine. Dan’s has a wireless remote which gives you much more room. But, the timer feature is great for self-photos! Aren’t you going to miss the cottage??

  2. Awww what lovely photo’s of you two 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. So that’s what you were celebrating! Glad you found a buyer for the cottage. Great photos.

  4. Love that you took an “easy peasy” photo of where it all began 🙂


  5. That tripod will certainly get a lot of use now that you know it’s not ONLY for binoculars! Love the photo of you and JR smooching at the cottage – memories made and a future life mapped out – NICE!


  6. Well well thank the camera gods for that portable tripod cause we get to see some sweeeeet pictures from you. I love my tripod and I love the timer on my camera but we still wind up scrambling to get to the click the picture place.. 🙂 Linda is right a wireless remote, only way to click! Love the site of the proposal picture. You sold the OBX cottage? What you two up two??.. 😉 You can’t be leaving the OBX, you like those wild ponies too much! Enjoy your Monday! CH is gone all day, Ima buy a new pair of boots.. 😀

  7. What a sweet story. 🙂 Rick has a tripod and we’ve taken many a Christmas photo and other gatherings of family with it. It seems to be a permanent fixture in our study and back room.

  8. Oh my gooseness how wonderful! You maybe should have warned us that there would be graphic love-making in the post….

  9. You are definitely “cutting edge!” I love the photos of you two – a handsome couple for sure. 🙂

  10. I thought the same thing when I learned about Debbie’s tri-pod. But we don’t already have one, and we didn’t really “do” Christmas gifts this year…so I’ll just have to go buy me one!!! Great shots – and do love how you tell a story!

  11. We have a tripod, but have never taken it on our travels. Good thought! Love the photos of you and your honey. And love your header (you can see I’m behind in my blog travels 🙂 ).

  12. i have an old one i use around here. doesn’t travel much, but then, neither do i. 🙂

  13. so happy you took the “plunge”, you will love having the tripod!! it’s so much funner to smile at the camera, then to smile at a stranger trying to figure out how to use your camera!! tell mm “nice” i like the frisky move!!

    thanks for the mention, it’s so sweet to see myself here!!

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  15. Glad you realized it was up there – just waiting!
    Motor Man told me those ‘white’ clips you can see in the first two photos were actually bright red when he first got it…. but its adventures have just begun, I’d say ………!

  16. I have a tripod but I rarely use it. I’d probably get better shots if I did but my shots are usually ‘off the cuff’ so to speak.
    Cute photos of you two!

  17. Aw, I loved your cottage pics! Easy peasy to see that you two are made for each other. ♥

  18. Fabulous post! How sweet you got those pictures in the cottage where he proposed! It’s so good to see people in love! You guys are too cute. Sorry you have to sell the cottage. We have a tripod but it won’t fit my little digital. The manual Nikon, though…I have plans to do some experimenting with that this year!

  19. I guess I better get a tripod! I enjoyed the pictures, especially the spot where he proposed!

  20. The photos of you two will definitely be keepers. What a nice keepsake for a special time in your lives. Must be a little sad to let go of your cottage at OBX but I bet you’ll be on to new and wonderful sites.

  21. So sweet! Wasn’t it hard to part with the cottage? We sold our beach cottage last year–went through a period of grief but haven’t regretted this decision once yet.

  22. Wonderful pictures! You make a great couple. We had a tripod years ago. Until I read this post, I’d totally forgotten about it. I’m going to have to look for it.

  23. Linn’s brother-in-law gave me the one he used for his video camera (that he no longer had). I need to knock the dust off and use it. Thanks for the reminder.

  24. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    it’s funny you are talking about a tripod since I am sitting beside one that Chuck has up to take pictures of the birds eating in the snow in our back yard today. Tripods do come in handy!

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