Barn Charm – Sweet

Motor Man and I were out for a Sunday drive a few weeks ago, as old mature folks will sometimes do. While out on our drive, we spotted this simple old barn. Something about the shape of the barn, those mis-matched windows and that door remind me of a sweet little comical face. Do you see it?

barn front

Sure wish I could move that utility pole. I probably could have photo-edited it out of the picture, but I think it would have been noticeable. And, after all, as unsightly as it might be, it IS part of the scenery.

Here’s a side view. No utility pole! I love the lightning rods.

side view

And a look down the driveway from the road.

barn from the driveway

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26 responses to “Barn Charm – Sweet

  1. I can see the smiley face! Beautiful barn! =^.^=

  2. It DOES look like a comical face! What a quaint and lovely barn!

  3. What and adorable face! Have a great day! 🙂

  4. I can see that face for sure! Looks a little surprised.. 🙂 Dianna that is a very charming barn. I like the last shot. I wonder what’s up with the little concrete block building, besides looking very charming too. Good Morning Dianna!

  5. Love the barn…’s got tons of charm….and YES I do see the face – it’s smiling right back at you and your camera!


  6. Love these barns. We don’t get barns like them here in South Africa. Pity.

  7. Yes! I can see the face 🙂 Great pics, Dianna. Oh, now that I have joined the 50’s crowd, I prefer using the word “mature”, also!

  8. Lovely barn…even with the utility pole…after all, have to have the electricity!

  9. I am with you on leaving the light pole in…just hate to alter pictures very much sometimes.

    I sure like the head on shot…I do see the comical face but would not have noticed it if you had not mentioned it. And to me the side shot makes it look bigger.

  10. i do love that one ‘eye’ is bigger than the other. really quaint!

  11. It is a lovely barn and still loved. MB

  12. It’s a cutie!

  13. It should have eyebrows above the windows !

  14. This mature lady loves to take drives, too! 🙂 Great looking barn and I frequently see “faces” on them! (I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who see them!)

  15. I do see the funny face. Very cute.

  16. Happy barn face! Cute. Hey, that Motor Man of yours sure has earned his nickname well, motoring you all over the place to get your amazing photos!

  17. Definitely see the face – and love that weathered wood! Pretty shot down the drive!

  18. Yes, I do see the face! It’s a pretty little barn and I like the view of it from down the drive.

  19. This is one charm of a barn and yes, I definitely see the funny face! 🙂

  20. You need to know that I never look at a barn the same way since we’ve

    🙂 MJ

  21. I especially like the last picture!

  22. I can see the sweet face. That barn truly has a lot of character.
    I feel the same way about utility poles. I have so many photos that are tainted by them… but oh well, like you, I figure it’s a part of life and I try to ignore them.

  23. This is cute. The last picture looks like it has its arm out in welcome. It looks much taller in the second view.

  24. I love barns and this is a charmer…the face…the weathered wood; the imperfections making it perfect!
    Come spring, I shall go in search of my favorite southern barns.

  25. I see it! cute lil face!

    I’m running behind on Barn Charm visits this week… Thank you for joining =)

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