Random Five Friday

Thanksgiving week Random Five:

1.) We’ve had some interesting weather this week: near record high temps one day, heavy rain and wind the next, but thankfully, no snow. This was the sunset on Monday evening (taken through the windshield on our way to dinner).

sunset 11-24-2014 5-09-14 PM

2.) Seems that RF5 has become a good way to say Happy Birthday to special people in my life. Tomorrow is my niece, Donna’s, birthday. This is one of my favorite pictures of us, taken during a visit a few years ago.

d and d

3.) This little cartoon has been making the rounds on Facebook. It took me awhile to “get it”. How about you?


4.) We had guests on the lawn recently. This mama deer has been in our neighborhood for several years. She has a crippled hind leg, and it is so sad to watch her walk. But she’s apparently a mommy once again – to twins.

mama deer 2 babies2 11-14-2014 4-41-28 PM

5.) AND we had a special Thanksgiving guest yesterday. At first, I thought Bride Swan had been somewhere and gotten very dirty. But, after a little research, I think this may be a juvenile mute swan.

swan1 11-27-2014 8-48-50 AM

I whistled at her the way we do to call Bride and Groom Swan, and she came toward me. I threw out some bread for her, and although leery of it at first, she finally ate some.  A neighbor just a couple of miles away has exotic animals and many different breeds of waterfowl. Maybe I’ll see him around town soon to find out if she was visiting from his farm.

mottled swan 11-27-2014 8-49-26 AM

Did you have special Thanksgiving guests?

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. I spied a mother deer and her babies along the highway yesterday. They were so beautiful, but it makes me nervous to them so close to the road.
    Great photos, Dianna! Happy Birthday to Donna!

  2. We used to have a deer with a crippled hind leg come to our yard, too. Chris called her Do Re Mi but I haven’t seen her for awhile which makes me wonder if she did not make it. Looks like you had a great week!!

  3. Looks like you had a great week. We used to have a deer with a crippled hind leg that came into our yard to visit as well but I have not seen her in awhile so I wonder if something happened to her. Hopefully not. It’s the time when they start eating from under the bird feeders, you know!

  4. A cow in the pasture next door was hobbling. I felt so sorry for her. I told Rick he needed to call to be sure they were aware of it. Rick said he thought it was probably a hoof problem, whereas I thought she had injured her leg. The juvenile swan is so interesting. A new generation. Talking about a new generation…We had four little ones (children) at Thanksgiving yesterday…eleven months, eight months, two years and eleven. Great fun, good eating and lots of pictures.

  5. Have a great Thanksgiving celebration. Love those wildlife shots, and the sunset is just magnificent.

  6. Lovely sunset picture! I’m glad Mama deer lives in that little pAtch of woods in your neighborhood. If they don’t wander away, they’ll be safe during hunting season. Interesting swan. I wonder how he’ll get along with Bride and Groom swans if they meet?

  7. Like you, we had a family of deer in the yard and a lot of birds flying in for the seeds in the feeder. No swans. I think you are unique in swan visits.

  8. The patterns on the juvenile swan are very eye-catching … awesome color layers there… And I think Mama Deer know it’s safe in your yard 😉
    The clouds in that first pic almost look like a skyline of oddly shaped buildings in the distance ….

    & Happy Birthday to you tomorrow, Donna !!!

  9. Beautiful young swan…….! We went to the mountains for Thanksgiving so if there were visitors HERE, Sammy didn’t tell me about them!!


  10. I LOVE your random 5! And as Canadian Thanksgiving was last month, the strange guest at Casa Kowalik was me!

  11. Great Random 5 – beautiful new little swan. Maybe a permanent visitor.

  12. Beautiful young swan. We have a Mom deer with two young ones. We see them every late afternoon. Hunting for buck is over here, but anterless is on now and I worry. We had no visitors for Thanksgiving.. we went visiting.. 🙂 AND eating!

  13. Beautiful photos today! Had a great day with the family 🙂 Hope you have a great week-end!

  14. Beautiful deer, swans and sunset. Thanks for the funny cartoon. Took me a while too but I finally got it.

  15. We had wacky weather too over the weekend. Warm then snow, then warm again. And in addition to our human Thanksgiving guests there were a number of critters in the yard as evidenced by all the tracks in the snow.

  16. Twins and a new swan! It took me a few looks on Facebook before I figured out Rudolph’s report card.

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