Every Life Should Have 9 Cats

Today’s post is inspired by this flag that I bought recently at the shop owned by Marshall and his dad. (Marshall recommended it; he knew I’d like it.)

9 cats one

So I began thinking of some of the cats that have owned me through the years. Believe me, there have been many more than nine.

One of the first cats I remember was Muffin (Muff, for short). Muff was a soft, long-haired muted brown cat. I remember her being very sweet and gentle.  And Mom seemed to like her more than some of my other cats. Sadly, Muff was lying in a pile of leaves in our driveway one day when we came home, and my Mom didn’t see her.  Mom and I were both heartbroken.

Another cat from my childhood was a short-haired white cat, named Lace. One day, probably because I pleaded and begged, Mom agreed that we could take Lace on a car ride with us to my sister’s house, about 20 miles away. Lace didn’t care much for the ride.  She. Was. Distraught. She meowed and paced all over the car, including on top of my Mom’s head – while she was driving. I’m pretty sure that was Lace’s only car trip.

Before Marshall was born, his dad and I had two cats: a gray and white one, named Hot Dog (after Dennis the Menace’s cat), and a black cat named Mr. Poovie. Remember the old Gomer Pyle show? Gomer’s girlfriend was Lou Anne Poovie. One day, we were watching that show, and Gomer was calling after Lou Anne’s dad: “Mr. Poovie! Mr. Poovie!”.  And, sometimes, that’s how you select a cat’s name.

Also before Marshall was born, his dad and I had been to see the movie, Smokey And The Bandit when it was showing in theaters. When we came home, there was a little gray tabby kittten on our front porch. Of course, we named him Bandit, and he was with us for about seven years, including Marshall’s early childhood. (Click to enlarge)

Later, Miss Piggy, who belonged to a neighbor, decided she’d rather live with us. (No, we did NOT name her.) Soon, she presented us with two kittens, Callie and Stormy.

miss piggy

Of course, you know about my late kitty, Beezy, my feline soul mate.

db and beezy 5-5-2007 6-20-18 PM

And, our current kitty, this little scamp.

sundae curled

So, you see, I’m more than qualified to have that 9 cats garden flag.

21 responses to “Every Life Should Have 9 Cats

  1. Love the flag and it’s “message”….it’s ever so true. Most of us “cataholics” have had many feline friends through our years….all of them unforgettable in their way. Their cat prints stay on our hearts forever. Great post and photos!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. And every one of them was unique and special with their own charm 🙂

  3. Awww what a lovely post! My mum has had 7 cats before me… I’m the 8th…. I think I count for two cats though because I’m so active… I’m not sure I’d want to share her! I love your flag! Bisous Bailey

  4. it’s official, your a cat lady and i mean that in the nicest of ways!! very cute flag!!

  5. I love that flag!!! I have had 11 cats in my life, counting Tinker’s 5 kittens(before we knew better back in 1976 ). We kept one, Sleepy, and the other four had homes to go to. I didn’t count Izzy who was with us 3 months. And there were all the barn cats that I huggled at my Grandad’s farm. The Z Cat was my feline soul mate~I ♥ that Dianna. My heart smiles at the picture of you and Beezy and that is a cool picture you snapped of the flag with the marina in the background! Marshall had a good recommendation.. 🙂

  6. Hey guys – nice to meet you too 🙂 All your kitties are very cute. Really like the photos with your son and Bandit, that is just too cute! I think I may qualify for the sign too… Although mine might say 20 cats or something lol.

  7. 🐈😻 I’ve only been owned by one Cat (but quite a few dogs) in my 3 decades. I got my first when I was about 4yrs old a solid black kitty I named Velvet, I loved her dearly. I remember taking green paint and painting stripes on her because “She-Ra Princess of Power” had a majestic lion type animal friend named “Cringer” and I wanted velvet to have the same powers. I also stuffed her in my Cabbage Patch Kid clothes, I’m sure she loved it. After my Grandparents moved to Isle of Wright she seemed happy to have become a “country kitty”she lived about 5yrs after the move,I was able to have her with me for 16yrs! I’ve been told that’s a long time for a cat. I’ve thought about becoming owned again, I’m interested in the “Rag doll” and “Spynx” breeds.

  8. Lovely pigtures and bootiful kitties!


  9. i do love that flag. and i miss having cats…

  10. Did I count 9? How perfect is that? You have many dear ones to remember. Rick brought T-Bob home from the office 16 years ago. The vet and his assts. rave about him and so does the groomer saying a Maine coon has the sweetest of dispositions. He used to be quite a big cat, almost as big as a raccoon, but in his later years he has shrunk a bit.

  11. Well, most of the cats I’d count are listed here ! There were a few that hung around at the store over the years, but the ‘street life’ can be rough- unfortunately they’re not around anymore ….
    Great post !
    Great flag ! 😉

  12. Ziggy is #8 for me. Our family had pups growing up. I had always been fond of cats so as soon as I was on my own I adopted my first cat. Sam, then Misty, Muffin, Yeller, Tiny, BJ, Lucky and Ziggy. Never owned another dog and looks like according to the flag there may be at least one more cat in my future. For now… Ziggy is the Prince and he knows it!

  13. I had my nine and somebody else’s as I grew up. My parents got me a cat when I was three. Turned out to be female, and our neighbors had a male. I had kittens and cats for YEARS. My dad would give some away when a family would come to buy his vegetables…each kid would go home with a cat snuggled in their arms. Thanks for sharing yours, Dianna. I love the flag.

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a prefect flag for you, I love it. All your cats seem very special and loved. Great post!

  15. I love the pic of you and your “feline soul mate”! And what a great march through the cats in your life.

  16. They are all beautiful cats! I love Miss Piggy’s unique coloring–with brown fur around one eye and black around the other.

  17. mollieandalfie

    We didn’t really have pets when I was growing up..That’s why I have two fur babies for my son, I think animals make a family 🙂 Love that flag, so cool 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  18. Mechanics Wife

    How cute! You both look so comfortable lounging in the chair!

  19. Love the flag and the cat stories!!

  20. What a delightful post…and so true!
    I’ve only had 3 cats, all in my adult life, and they were all independent, loving and funny. I blame the low total on my brother, who was very allergic to cats. We had wonderful dogs and a series of other pets, from rabbits to seahorses and even white mice, but I didn’t have a kitten until my own daughter was 5 and begged for one for her birthday. My brother didn’t come to visit–or when he did he stayed at a hotel–but it was worth the trade! ;=)

  21. Fun to see all the photos of the kitties (and Marshall too!). I definitely qualify for that flag — pretty sure at least 9 cats have “owned” me in my lifetime. There were always kitties at our house when I was growing up. 🙂

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