Friday’s Fences – Roadside Peacock

Monday, as Motor Man and I were returning from Scottsville, he suddenly said: “Did you see that?”.  Of course, not having seen anything extraordinary, I asked  what he meant. And Motor Man replied: “That peacock, sitting up on that fence, looking at us.”.

This, of course, required a u-turn.

And this is what we saw.


We both decided that it wasn’t real, and proceeded on up the road a short distance. It just so happened that, after the u-turn, we spotted the barn that I featured on this week’s Barn Charm.

As we drove back by the peacock, we slowed down to have a better look.

jr peacock

Still thinking that this wasn’t a real peacock, we started driving away.

peacock 2

And then…..he moved.

peacock last

 I didn’t get a picture, but he hopped down off the fence and scurried across the yard.

And I had a Friday’s Fences post.

fridays fences

31 responses to “Friday’s Fences – Roadside Peacock

  1. Rhonda Garcia

    Wow, wow, wow! Good eye motor man. You almost missed that one!

  2. I love peacocks! My first encounter of them was when I was on vacation in Cancun and actually saw it open its plumage – amazing!

  3. good job to motor man! that’s not something you see everyday!

  4. How in the world did you miss the peacock???!! And JR was driving and saw it. I guess I’m surprised since you were on the look-out for fences.

  5. They are such STUNNING birds and I’m so glad you were able to capture him on film……


  6. He is a very beautiful fellow and what a lucky chance that was. A pity they have such ugly voices. I guess you can’t be perfect!

  7. Good eyes MM has. What a fun surprise!

  8. You were right. I wouldn’t have thought it was real either. Such splendor.

  9. How beautiful! And you couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular setting with the red roses in the background:) It’s just like he was waiting for you guys to drive by since he knew you take pictures of fences….saying: “I’d like to see you top this!” BTW…love June’s!!

  10. mollieandalfie

    How wonderful, we have only ever seen them at the wildlife centers, he sure is a beauty xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. mollieandalfie

    Pe-ess, June’s comment is so funny..LOL xx

  12. Quite a fence “post” :-). His blue jacket is stunning!

  13. Great shots — and a beautiful setting, too! #thankfulforhusbandswillingtomakeuturns (I have one, too!) 🙂

  14. A sight you do not see very often. A perfectly beautiful shot of this glorious peacock resting on the fence.

  15. Fabulous! The color is amazing!

  16. He’s so handsome! No wonder we use the phrase struttin’ like a peacock! Aren’t you glad you have such an accommodating hubby? Mine is willing to do u-turns too just so I can get a photo. We’re blessed, Dianna! .

  17. Wow — not something anyone sees everyday! 🙂 Good job, MM!!

  18. magicalmysticalteacher

    And a colorful FF post it is!

    Neglected Fence

  19. The bluest of blues !
    He’s a proud one …..

  20. WOW, very cool. I’ve only seen them in zoo’s since I’m sure they wouldn’t like snow. I take it he can’t fly away? I bet those tail feathers are pretty long.

  21. He is a brilliant blue! Good eye, MM!

  22. Wow! These are amazing shots and the peacock really does look like a fake – almost too colorful to be real. What a beauty. And what a fabulous opportunity for a Friday’s Fences entry.

  23. fabulously gorgeous fence adornment! wow!!!

  24. An extra charming fence with that beautiful feathery blue bird!

  25. Peacocks are such amazing birds.

  26. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two find the most interesting subjects for beautiful pictures. In 2000 Chuck and I were in Charleston, NC on vacation and also saw beautiful peacocks in someone’s yard. They are lovely birds, that for sure.

  27. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sorry should be SC not NC.

  28. Beautiful bird in a lovely setting!

  29. How fun! The colors are beautiful…such an intense blue! Good eye, Motor Man! ~ Sheila

  30. good thing for mm, or you may have missed it. chuck is getting really good at “spotting” stuff also, i think we have them trained!! what a beautiful shade of blue!!!

  31. Ummmm..did you manage to pick up a Peacock fev-ver for Sundae? They are the very best cat toy ever…just sayin’ pats , Savannah

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