My Very First Tutorial

I’m still stumbling my way around Pinterest. Although I “follow” a few of my friends, I find that I prefer just typing in a search term to see what ideas folks have.

Recently I saw this cute little bird feeder, made from a creamer and saucer. I’m not sure about Pinterest etiquette: am I supposed to give credit to the person who pinned it? As I said, I’m still stumbling learning.

pinterest bird feeder

Since dishes like this can be bought for a song at thrift shops, I went shopping. Motor Man and I made a feeder, and learned a few things from the first one. He thought sharing how we made it might be an interesting blog post.

Here are our supplies: A creamer, saucer, tape measure, Sharpie, JB Weld (bought at our local NAPA auto parts store), an alcohol wipe to clean the surfaces before gluing and the hook for hanging. We forgot one thing in the photo, though: double sided tape, which you can see on the mouth of the creamer.


First we needed to find the center of gravity, so the feeder would hang level. We attached the tape to the creamer and placed it on the saucer. Then I held it up, using the hanger, and we moved the creamer until the feeder would hang correctly.  Motor Man marked where the creamer should be placed on the saucer.  (Now I remember that this step made the tape measure unnecessary. Lesson learned from bird feeder #1.)

w tape

Then I mixed the JB Weld (there are two tubes, and you mix them in equal parts).

mixing jb weld

I put an ample amount of glue on both the pitcher and the saucer.

glue on pitcher

Then I placed the creamer on the saucer and let the glue set up for 24 hours. Thankfully I didn’t have to hold it the entire time.


And here’s our bird feeder.

my bird feeder

The birds wouldn’t cooperate for me to get a photo of them dining here.  But, suffice it to say that this little feeder gets refilled often.

31 responses to “My Very First Tutorial

  1. You both had done nice job.Post the picture next time when birds dine.Nice post.Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. What a marvelous idea!! You and JR have the neatest ideas for using different items in new ways!!
    Wouldn’t be surprised if y’all built a spaceship next!!!LOL!

  3. mollieandalfie

    I am so making that 🙂 Like you said you can buy the stuff so cheap and it will be fun to do, bet mine doesn’t come out as nice as yours..LOL xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. What a fabulous idea for a very “crafty” and adorable bird feeder. You get an “A” for your tutorial – easy to follow and easy to do!


  5. Lovely plate, cute pitcher and what a feast for the birdies! Nice job, Dianna and MM.

  6. How absolutely adorable. Pinterest is so much fun. A new hobby is on its way!

  7. I’ve never heard of JB Weld, so I learned something new. Love the pitcher and plate you chose. I don’t think I could do this by myself (I’m so uncrafty), but I bet Patti sees this and wants to make one. She loves her birds, too!

  8. I’m very impressed! And I’m sure the birdies are grateful! 🙂

  9. And now….I’ve just “Pinned” you! I love Pinterest – such an easy way to collect and “file” things you want to remember. This looks great – love your color choices!

  10. You are so lucky to have a buddy willing to help you! I love it and I’m sure in time the birds will too!

  11. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Been thinking about making one of these for awhile! 🙂

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful ideal!! Chuck does not know it yet, but we are making one!!!
    Thanks for sharing. I love yours. Have a good week,

  13. What a lovely birdie feeder! I am sure they are dining here often! 🙂

  14. really, really cute!

  15. Very cute!! I love Pinterest! 🙂

  16. Perfection and like you say, very economical too. It’s just a joy to watch feathered friends visiting the garden.

  17. That is really clever – give the birds a little time, they will love it!

  18. A nice tutorial ! – and a great idea for a post ! It also looks like a fine dining spot with plenty of food 😉

  19. That is so cool!
    And gorgeous too!

  20. LOVE IT!!

  21. Too pretty!! Nice tutorial!

  22. Very very cute! Can’t do enough for the birdies!!

  23. What a fun bird feeder! The tutorial is wonderful. The pictures and text nicely explain how to make the feeder.

  24. That’s a cute project!

  25. Love this! I’m a Pinterest addict, so many yummy recipies and fun crafts 🙂

  26. Love it! AND…you found JB Weld at NAPA…we sell a ton of that stuff! Now we can add craft supplies to our list of reasons to shop here…right next to tuxedo rentals 🙂

  27. How great! I think we would have troubles keeping our squirrels out of all that nummy seed! MOL

  28. Oh my gosh, sooooo cute! Love this idea. I stumble occasionally around on Pinterest too, but haven’t tried anything that I’ve pinned. I just like looking around on it.

  29. ~applause~ I’d say your first tutorial is a wonderful success. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bird feeder like this. Your steps are clear and easy to understand. Love the photos. Well done! Awesome. 🙂

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