Daily Archives: July 1, 2013

Sundae Says: Please Keep It To Yourself

Happy Monday, friends! Sundae here, reporting to you from “sick bay”.

Well, maybe not sick bay, but my humans have been less than healthy lately. Last week, Motor Man came down with a nasty summer cold. I managed to avoid it, but Motor Mommy started with it over the weekend. Sniffing, sneezing, coughing…. hardly any rest for a kitty around here.

So I’m asking them very nicely to please not share their colds with me. And I’ve decided to take all necessary precautions to keep myself well.

First, I’m getting plenty of rest.

sundae nap

Washing my hands paws frequently…

wash hands 6-30-2013 6-29-30 PM

…especially after touching sick humans.

sundae playing with JRs finger

I’m getting plenty of exercise.

stretch 7-10-2012 8-06-19 PM

Eating right and drinking plenty of fluids.

food water 1-23-2013 7-27-35 PM

Did I mention that I’m getting plenty of rest?


In the meantime, does anyone know if they make Zicam for kitties? My nose is feeling a bit twitchy.

smug sundae

Stay well, everyone!