Daily Archives: July 8, 2013

Smarter Than A Geek

Last week, I had a crisis. Yes, it was partially self-inflicted, but it was a crisis, nonetheless.

My computer at our shop was unresponsive last week when I went in on Wednesday morning. On it is a Quicken program containing our company and personal checkbook registers with years’ worth of data.

Motor Man and I rushed it to the emergency room Geek Squad at Best Buy. Upon examining the patient, they told us that, at the very least, it needed a new power supply. We decided to purchase a new computer, and have the Geeks just transfer the data from the old computer to the new.

Later that evening, we got the phone call that no computer owner ever wants to receive: the Geeks were unable to access the data on our old computer.

Oh, let me just say here that I had been very negligent in backing up my computer files…..Very. Very. Negligent.

So I texted Marshall with the bad news. He called me immediately (knowing that his mom was nearly in tears) and said not to give up hope; he had an idea.

Motor Man and I picked up both computers on Thursday. Then, on Friday morning, Marshall came to the shop and attempted to outsmart the Geeks. He needed a USB cable and an extension cord; this is the first extension cord Motor Man could find.

ext cord 7-5-2013 10-01-48 AM

Marshall and Motor Man had both used hard drive enclosures in the past to retrieve data from non-functioning computers. Could we dare hope that it would work this time?

marshall1 7-5-2013 10-04-00 AM

My son: smarter than a Geek.

marshall with enclosure 7-5-2013 10-03-54 AM

His mom WAS in tears once all the data was safely transferred to the new computer.

Motor Man and I treated him to a steak dinner that night.

I’ve definitely learned my lesson about keeping current back-ups. Now I just have to learn Windows 8.