Daily Archives: July 16, 2013

Barn Charm – A Friend’s Farm

As promised last week, my Barn Charm photos today were taken at my friend, Linda’s, homeplace. She asked if I’d like to come take pictures of the barn, but there were also several other interesting old buildings.

This barn has been on the property as long as Linda can remember. This side was used for horses.

barn - horse side 7-10-2013 1-41-51 PM

And the other side was for cows.

barn - cow side 7-10-2013 1-44-19 PM

There’s an old smokehouse in the barnyard.

smokehouse 7-10-2013 1-45-31 PM

This is an old kitchen from the original house, which is no longer standing.

old kitchen1 7-10-2013 1-46-08 PM

And Linda said her dad stored grain in this old building.

grain shed 7-10-2013 1-44-24 PM

Thanks, Linda, for providing me with this week’s Barn Charm.