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Sunday Morning On The Banks

And, of course, you know I’m referring to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Motor Man and I were down for the weekend, and made our way up to Corolla early yesterday morning to see the wild horses.

We weren’t on the beach in time for the sunrise, but the sky and surf were beautiful when we arrived.

sunrise 2a 7-21-2013 6-17-16 AM

We were off to a slow start seeing any horses, but I thought this was interesting: wild horses beside this “road” sign.  Guess they know that’s where they’re supposed to be.

horses and wild horse trail 7-21-2013 7-11-09 AM 7-21-2013 7-11-09 AM

But then, we drove back over to the beach, and saw this:

horses on the beach 7-21-2013 7-18-23 AM

Eight horses, including a little one, down by the ocean.  And the baby was feeling quite frisky. (This photo has been cropped: I definitely wasn’t this close.)

mom and babe 7-21-2013 7-19-025

The two of them enjoyed a few minutes of playtime in the sand, while we all kept our required 50 feet distance from them.

mom and baby playing 7-21-2013 7-20-46 AM

frisky babe 7-21-2013 7-20-52 AM

frisky babe2 7-21-2013 7-20-53 AM

Then, Mom said: “That’s enough”…

thats enough 7-21-2013 7-20-55 AM

And they ran off toward the dunes.

mom and babe running7-21-2013 7-21-06 AM 7-21-2013 7-21-06 AM

Where they enjoyed Sunday morning breakfast with the family.

horses on dune 7-21-2013 7-25-41 AM

Another morning worthy of the 5 a.m. alarm.