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Participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week,  and  I chose this prompt:

“Currently”. A simple list of things you’re currently feeling as seen at Simply Sweet.

Feeling:  Delighted that my niece, Donna, and her son, Connor, have been visiting this week, but so very sad to see them head back home to Texas today.  It’s been a busy week, filled with family get togethers, a trip to the beach to see the wild horses, and lots of genealogical discussion.

Looking forward to: An upcoming trip to Cambridge, Maryland for a boat race and antiquing. This has been an annual trip for Motor Man and me for several years. It’s a beautiful area, there’s a wonderful antique mall there, and we always have a great time.

Reading: Actually, this should be “not reading”.  I’m missing visiting my blogging friends this week and promise to catch up soon.  I’ve just been too busy enjoying our company to be at the computer very much.

Thinking about: With all the research and discussion Donna and I have done about family history, it really makes me think about our ancestors and how different their everyday lives were from ours. My maternal grandparents had twelve children. Can you imagine cooking three meals a day for fourteen people? With no electricity? Or running water?

Watching:  Weather radar, and hoping for rain. I went a little crazy this spring, buying and planting flowers. We’ve had a week of 90+ degree days, and now I’m watering plants everyday.

Making me happy:  Having the “deep” family roots that I do and living in the same area that my ancestors lived in for hundreds of years.  Feeling loved by my family and spending time with them.

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