Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

Groom Swan In Training

You may recall that my niece, Donna and her son, Connor, visited us a couple of weeks ago.  One afternoon, shortly after we’d returned home from an outing, Connor went outside. He hurried back in to tell me that Groom Swan was there.


Motor Man says that he fully expects Groom Swan to ring the doorbell one day when he tires of waiting for me to come out with bread.

db and groom swan1 7-16-2013 6-10-38 PM

On this particular day, I handed the camera to Connor and attempted to have Groom swan take the bread from my hand. He did that a couple of times a few years ago, but hasn’t done it recently. Right after Connor took the next picture, Groom Swan did take the bread from my hand. But he did it so quickly, that Connor didn’t have a chance to get a picture. And of course, Groom Swan wouldn’t do it again.

db and groom 2 7-16-2013 6-10-45 PM

So Groom Swan training will continue.