Daily Archives: August 7, 2013

Treasure Hunting – Heart Of Country

Several years ago, I’m thinking it was 2003, a good friend of ours won the Nascar Short Track regional championship. The awards banquet was held at The Opryland Hotel in Nashville. Motor Man and I were invited and attended. We stayed across the street at… The Radisson (I think).

Anyway…unbeknownst to me, until we arrived, the Heart of Country Antique Show was taking place in Nashville THAT VERY WEEKEND.  What are the odds?? I’ve never seen so many antiques in one place. The prices were a little steeper than I prefer, but I did find one item that I really liked, and it didn’t seem overpriced. The seller referred to it as a Chimney Cupboard.

chimney cupboard 8-6-2013 3-05-51 PM

There was just one problem. Motor Man and I were driving a Chrysler Sebring Convertible, and there was NO way this cupboard was going to fit in that car.

But Motor Man, as usual, had a plan. He found a list of the vendors for the show, and saw one from Raleigh. We had an upcoming trip planned to a race in South Carolina and would be driving through Raleigh. He asked that vendor if he would (with compensation, of course) take the cupboard home with him, and we’d pick it up en route to the race. We had a motor home at the time, so we knew we’d have room for it. The vendor agreed.

Sometimes getting the treasure home is more difficult than finding it.