Daily Archives: August 21, 2013

Treasure Hunting Sparks A Memory

Saturday, my friend, Donna, and I set out early for a day of antiquing, chatting and lunch.

In one of our favorite antique shops, we spotted a bottle of laundry bluing, similar to this one that I have.

bluing 8-20-2013 3-49-27 PM

This is the memory it brought to mind:

My sisters, June and Rose, were teenagers when I was born. Although I’ve always known how much they love me, I’m sure there were times, as I was growing up, when I was an aggravating little pest.

Once I remember saying to Rose: “Whatcha doin”?  And she replied: “Doin’ bluin’, wanna buy a bottle?”. That was probably a popular, snappy little comeback in those days, but I remember that it made me mad, and at the same time, hurt my feelings. I’m sure I went crying to Mom. I don’t recall what Mom’s reaction was.

It’s amazing how an empty little bottle can bring back a memory from so long ago.