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When Grandma “Cussed”

Today, I chose this prompt for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop:

4.)  The first time you ever heard your parent cuss.

But I’m fudging a little on this prompt.  The closest I ever heard my Mom come to cussing was this: “As Papa used to say, that’s not worth a Continental damn!”.  (I guess by prefacing it as a quote from her father, she didn’t feel that she was officially “cussing“. )

The event I’m writing about today was actually the first, last and only time I heard my grandmother “cuss”.


Grandma lived only about a half mile from us, and Mom and I visited her everyday. I was sixteen when she died.

“Cussing” was not something my Grandmother did. Ever.

Except one time, that I knew of anyway. When I was in my early teens, some of Grandma’s children decided that she needed new vinyl flooring in her kitchen, and she agreed to have this done.  However, once the flooring was in place, it was so shiny, Grandma was certain that it was slippery, and therefore, she was sure that she would slip and fall.

One day, Grandma made a comment to me about “that damn floor”. I remember wishing we could rip up the new floor and put back the old.  I was devastated that my Grandma was distraught enough to use such language.

I thought the world was ending.

It didn’t, of course, and I don’t recall Grandma ever falling because of the new floor. But I do recall that one time I heard her “cuss”.

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