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Sundae Says: Nellie Was Here!

Hello to all of Motor Mommy’s blog followers. This is Sundae, and today, I have a furry special post. Nellie, a dear furriend of mine came to town this week! Nellie and I first met on my boycatfriend, Sammy’s, camping trip earlier this year.

This week, Nellie stopped to visit and have dinner with Sammy. I joined them later, and the three of us had a little playtime. Sammy was showing off his beautiful tent.

sundae sammy nellie 8-7-2013 1-00-00 AM

Later, since Nellie was tired from all her traveling, she came to my house and we had a sleepover! (After all, it just wouldn’t be proper for a young lady cat to stay overnight with a man cat, even a gentleman cat like Sammy.)


The next morning, I showed Sundae the view from my window seat, and we shared some girl talk.

nellie sundae winow

Nellie had seen pictures of Bride and Groom Swan here on the blog, and then she saw Groom Swan from the window! She wanted to meet him, and of course, he wanted to meet her!

dbgroom and nellie

We were sad when it was time for Nellie to leave, but she had plans to visit another friend, Katie Isabella.  Safe travels, Nellie, and come back to visit soon!

(To read more about Nellie’s visit, see Sammy’s post here and Nellie’s post here.)