Daily Archives: August 26, 2013

“Breaking Bread”

Most every morning, my little herd of ducks is waiting for their breakfast of corn, served in fine china (Cool Whip bowls). By the way, did you know that there are actually several terms for a group of ducks? They may be referred to as a paddle, a flock, raft, team, badelynge, bunch, or brace. Oh, the wonders of the internet.

duckies 8-23-2013 8-18-46 AM

Although not a leisurely breakfast, they do all seem to share and get along well with each other.  It’s difficult to tell in the picture, but of all these, there’s only one male.

Saturday afternoon, I glanced out and saw Bride Swan. By the time I reached her (with bread),  the ducks were all there, too.  Then Groom Swan came swimming in and joined the others on land.

db1a 8-24-2013 4-08-39 PM

Everyone’s your friend when you’re passing out free food.

db2 8-24-2013 4-08-41 PM 8-24-2013 4-08-41 PM

“Oh, hi, Motor Man.  I didn’t know you were there – taking pictures!”

hi 8-24-2013 4-08-57 PM

A friend recently sent me the link to an article saying that you shouldn’t feed bread to waterfowl.

last 8-24-2013 4-09-15 PM

Anyone know if Purina makes Swan Chow? And Duck Chow?