Treasure Hunting And Grown-up Little Boys

A few years ago, my friend, Doris, happened to be driving down her street and saw a vintage bike that someone had put out for the trash pick-up. Doris rushed home to get her husband (and his van) to “rescue” the bike. She propped it against an old post in her yard.

It looks so cute that I’ve been on the look-out for an old bike for our yard. And last weekend, I found this little beauty.

bike 9-10-2013 3-10-20 PM

(Now I’m on the lookout for an old bicycle basket, so I can put a plant in it, just like Doris did.)

When I got home from my antiquing trip last weekend, Motor Man came out to help me take my treasures out of the bed of HIS pick-up truck. (Old chair in the background: $5.)

And, well….I guess little boys don’t always completely grow up.


I will spare my dear husband the humility and embarrassment and not share what happened next….

But I will say that it did result in this:

skinned knee 9-7-2013 7-51-15 PM

Guess some “little boy” remains in every man.

20 responses to “Treasure Hunting And Grown-up Little Boys

  1. Nice bike! Boys and skinned knees just go together at ANY age don’t they?!


  2. And I thought they said that you never forgot how to ride a bike!!!! And I know JR probably did know how since he had a paper route. That bike looks like the one that was originally mine and got recycled for you!! Schwinn made really good bikes!!!

  3. You have me humming “Where have all the ole bikes gone?”♪ I hope they’ve gone to children who want them and treasure hunters like you.

  4. Owieee! I noticed those flat tires right away. Cute idea Dianna. I like the idea of the basket with flowers!

  5. So glad you found your bike. Now get that basket from Louie and put your fall mums in it. I love mine.

  6. Please thank Goofy for the a.m. laugh!! 😉

  7. Your bike looks like my beach bike! Gotta get one that you can ride too!

  8. Oops!! Been there, done it ! Great bike, though 😉

  9. Hmm! Me thinks he needs to has raised the seat a little…

  10. Just laughing over here! So true!

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You have to give JR points for being a sport and riding it first, but sorry for the boo-boo JR. 😦

  12. Ouch! Your husband must be a gem to let your write about his little accident..

  13. I hope you got Motor Man a cool band-aid for his scraped knee. That looks a lot like my first bike.

  14. Ouch! Boys will be boys. That little bike is adorable….the boo-boo – not so much. 😉

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