Friday’s Fences – Pretty In Purple

For Friday’s Fences this week, a little section of fence in town, all decked out in purple.

fence1 9-23-2013 9-58-01 AM

I see asters in the back, purple heart in front and a couple of purple-blue petunias in the middle.

fence2 9-23-2013 9-58-06 AM

Random? Or carefully thought out and planted?

fridays fences

19 responses to “Friday’s Fences – Pretty In Purple

  1. That’s so pretty. To have something so lovely, I’ll bet it was planned!! Purple is fast becoming my favorite color!

  2. Wow that is really pretty! I’ll have to check out the purple heart for my own garden (if it will grow up here in New York state!). Ellie

  3. My neighbor would love this shot…purple is her fave color! Very pretty photo!

  4. I love purple and surrounding a fence….perfect!

  5. I am thinking carefully thought out and planted! Beautiful for Friday Fences!!

  6. It’s beautiful. Is it in the little park by the post office? When are we going to lunch again? I miss my aunt!

  7. You know what ? … I think I’ve seen this one before …
    My vote is for ” carefully thought out and planted! ”

  8. Beautiful find. The white fence section makes a lovely backdrop for the flowers.

  9. Oh, what a riot of color…so beautiful!

  10. I fell it was planned. Regardless it turned out to be very pretty fenced in scene.

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Love the colors. Very pretty shots.

  12. You asked if it was random or planned. . . . It looks beautiful, but a bit overgrown. I bet that the plants got larger than expected.

  13. we luvluvluv purple here! so gorgeous

  14. Love the purple and the little white fencing! So sweet, a perfect end to summer! ~ Sheila

  15. LOVE purple flowers of any kind…….looks to me like someone planted those with “purple intentions” !! Beautiful.


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