Hi! It’s Gypsy!

Hello, Hello, Hello!!! This is Gypsy, and I’m so happy to finally have my own post on Motor Mommy’s blog.

I think you’ve heard a little about me. I’m just about 6 months old, and have been the official shop kitty for about 4 months now.  Motor Mommy has been sharing pictures with you, so you know how much I’ve grown.

But did she tell you how much I love Motor Man? We have some heart-to-heart talks when it’s just the two of us at the shop. He’s gotten pretty good at taking pictures of us with his cell phone.

jr and gyp 12-9-2013 3-06-21 PM

I help Motor Mommy when she’s working at the office too. But, she didn’t seem to appreciate my calculator skills last week.

gypsy and calculator 12-3-2013 12-22-22 PM

But she did enjoy the facial massage I gave her.

gypsy and db - chin 11-27-2013 7-16-43 PM

Speaking of massages, my step-brofur, Marshall, stopped by to see me recently. Ahhh….

marshall and gypsy 11-28-2013 10-05-22 AM

Anyway, when I’m not working or entertaining our friends and customers, I relax in my little kitty bed. It’s on the counter just inside the office door. (Motor Man had to tape it down; I thought it was a fun game to knock it off the counter.)

gypsy in bed 11-30-2013 4-34-52 PM

If you’re in the area, you should stop by for a visit. But be forewarned:  you’ll probably have your picture taken with me! Maybe in my next post, I’ll share pictures of me with some of my many fans.

Purrs, Gypsy

~These Days Of Mine~


16 responses to “Hi! It’s Gypsy!

  1. Hi Gypsy! You and Motor Man have the same color hair! I think you have a crush on him and vice versa….and I had no idea you were planning a career in massage….wow…..it’s nice that you got to speak for yourself on your Mom’s blog today – then I can officially say HI and tell you that I’m sending you some Christmas presents (if my Mom and your Mom ever get together with this nasty weather stuff happening!!!!!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. What a precious kitty. This weather makes today a great day to cuddle together.

  3. Motor Man is quite the expert at ‘selfies’ and with such a cute kitty to share them with, it makes them extra special!

  4. You really warm things up in all kinds of ways, Gypsy!

  5. Hi Gypsy! Sounds like you got that cat stuff down pat, and those humans well-trained!

  6. Good Morning Gypsy! Looks like hard work there at the shop but a power cat nap in that cozy bed should keep you going. Such a sweet face.. 🙂

  7. so good to see you in all your glory, gypsy!

  8. I grinned all the way through this blog—loved it! Especially the picture on Marshall’s lap and eyes closed in ecstasy. She is a lucky kitty, but so are the people she works with.She is scary good on calculator!

  9. Oh Gypsy! I know my human would visit your humans’ shop to see you if she could 😉 You are very purrty!

    Thank you all for your wishes for Milou, thank you so much!

  10. Gypsy! Yous is a beautiful cat!!!

  11. It’s about time you were featured ! I’m looking forward to the “friends of Gypsy” post — it should be a good one ! 😉

  12. hehe, someone’s getting a lot of attention!!

  13. Ah, Gypsy, you’ve got the life of Riley!

  14. Gypsy – If I ever get there, could I have your autograph? You are one famous kitty who spiraled to fame in just a few short months. It’s star quality for sure.

  15. What a splendid idea! I will have to come visit you at work. I hope your boss doesn’t mind all the distractions. Oh,I forgot, you are the boss. Keep purrin.’

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Gypsy, Sundae’s post has nothing on yours. Good job! You both are the smartest and cutest kitties I know.

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