Little Girls And Jammies

Today, I’m combining Throwback Thursday and Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

 I chose this prompt: 1.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: pajamas.

This picture was taken when I was six years old. I’m the snaggle-tooth on the left, and that’s my niece, Lita, on the right. I wasn’t quite five years old when Lita was born, so we grew up more as sisters than aunt and niece.


I remember those little slippers; they were pink with fur around the top. And, most likely, the pajamas I’m wearing were made by my mom.

Although this picture has been in the family for years (obviously), when I uploaded it to the blog, I wondered: why did someone (probably my sister) decide to take a picture of us standing on the steps in our pajamas? New camera maybe? Or were we just that adorable…?

How quickly little girls grow up….Lita’s now a grandmother.

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14 responses to “Little Girls And Jammies

  1. Adorable!! Definitely Adorable! Who could pass up a chance to catch that precious picture?

  2. I love the picture! My family only has a handful of old pics – we didn’t have a camera for many years – so the pictures we do have are precious, but like you, I always wonder “why that moment?”

  3. When I’m in the kitchen and GS1 or GS2 come down stairs, the anticipation of their company excites me. Your mom may have been excited at the sight of seeing you both come down stairs together…in those very cute slippers and jammies.

  4. Very sweet! Your niece has feetie jammies. I love them.. 🙂 I had a pair of slippers like that with the fur but they were tan! Good Morning!

  5. What a dear photo…..maybe Christmas morning or something?? Didn’t get an email notification you had a post up today (!!) but saw it on FB so here I am!!


  6. Must have been Christmas morning. So many photos showing coming down the stairs on Christmas morning and all the excitement. Precious. I also had the same bedroom shoes.

  7. So cute! I thought the same thing as your previous commenters — Christmas morning coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought. I took photos of my kids (even when they were grown up) sitting on the stairs in pjs waiting to come downstairs to start celebrating Christmas Day. Oh, and by the way, I know I had little pink slippers just like yours with fur on them. 🙂

  8. it is a precious photo. glad it was taken in the first place. 🙂

  9. A great throwback !

  10. Love this picture….But I wonder if it was Christmas…since you’re obviously at Rose’s house and I believe you and Mama were always at home on Christmas Eve until you came down to our house for Christmas dinner…

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Those were the days. Young girls just enjoying themselves. Sweet picture.

  12. I have a niece who is 11 months younger than I am. We, too, grew up together–a strange and wonderful thing. Others found it strange/we found it wonderful!
    Adorable photo.

  13. You were soooo cute Dianna – and what a perfect response to the prompt!

  14. What a sweet picture. I was an aunt before I was two, so I know that feeling.

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