One More Time

Is everyone sick of blog posts about winter weather, snow, ice, etc.,? Well, here’s my addition to that collection.

Monday, our area had sleet beginning around mid morning. This was our deck around 11:45.  (All sleet, no snow.)

deck1 3-3-2014 11-44-10 AM

This was our deck one hour later. Still all sleet, no snow.

deck2 3-3-2014 12-47-58 PM

Monday night, around 7:30: a couple of inches of snow on top of the sleet.

deck3 3-3-2014 7-27-08 PM

And perhaps my favorite snow picture this winter, looking out our front door later in the evening.

goodnight2 3-3-2014 7-21-30 PM

Now, remind me again, just how many days til spring?

~These Days of Mine~


20 responses to “One More Time

  1. You really did get a lot of sleet before it turned to snow…love that last photo – it’s gorgeous (nice to look at – not so nice to drive in!!!).


  2. OH, that is a peaceful picture outside your front door!!

  3. Beatrice P. Boyd

    Hi Diana, i visited from Latane’s blog, Living Life on Main Street, and learned that we are nearly neighbors. We live on the VA eastern shore in a small town, Onley. When you visited Chincoteague in Feb, you most likely drove past us on Rte 13. Yes, it IS a small world! We also got some of this storm and it shut down everything here for 2 days! We were in Chincoteague 2 weeks ago and it is a 45 minute drive from Onley. Please feel free to drop in for a visit to our blog, neighbor!

  4. yes,I’m tired of the winter and snowy weather but not of your lovely pictures. Doesn’t seem like the weather is paying any attention to when spring is since it’s not getting any warmer and the snow seems unending!

  5. All I can say is: I feel your pain. I’m in this whirlwind of parka/short sleeves/rain jacket/toboggan/shorts and tees/back to parka. Another is on the way for tomorrow. Let’s hope it fizzles out.

  6. We got a couple of inches of sleet over the weekend with an inch of snow.. Think it headed your way! Oops!

  7. It was the same in my neck of the woods. Sleet then snow. I am counting down to Spring but I don’t think that is going to influence Mother Nature.

  8. You got sleet, we got more snow, but not as much as predicted. But you know what? Even this winter lover is tired of Ol’ Man Winter and ready for spring!! Bring it on!! Your last photo is gorgeous, by the way.

  9. Your last photo is like a scene out of Thomas Kinkade.

    Monday we were told to check our Tuesday morning e-mail for weather advisories. So I checked, and nothing was canceled. I did leave for class extra early just in case. I hope this all clears up by Friday when I fly out east.

  10. we had ice pellets and thundersnow this weekend, too. brrr…

  11. 15 days, but who is counting? I AM!!! Especially love the last pic.

  12. I’m ready for the winter to end… and I think your final pic here may be a sign that it will soon …. It’s the perfect last photo for the season; I don’t see how it could be topped !

  13. Margaret Spencer

    beautiful evening picture

  14. Far too many…… We had temps in the 30’s and it felt like a heat wave!

  15. I am certainly over winter, put I so love the beautiful snow picture from your door.

  16. The snow is beautiful, covering unsightly things and all, but then, when it begins to melt there is so much mud and slush! We had the same conditions a couple of days ago, with some melting today.

  17. The photo out front is great. I’m with Marshall, this must be the end.

  18. Oh that last photo is a beauty!

  19. Ah, beautiful photos Dianna! ❤️
    Here no snow but spring is still far from here too.

  20. You all did alot of precipitation.
    Beautiful deck and snow photos.
    Your last photo could be part of a Christmas special. Cool!

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