Bacon’s Castle: Film Star

A couple of months ago, the property manager at Bacon’s Castle posted this on his Facebook page:  “Looking for a running 1930s car to be used in a film. Must be able to get to Surry County. Filmed at Bacon’s Castle.“.

Motor Man and I have a 1932 Ford, but it’s bright yellow with purple interior, so it doesn’t exactly qualify as “vintage”. BUT we know several folks with restored vehicles from that era. I contacted our friends, John & Lynn, and put them in touch with the director, Zack Gross. They agreed to have their 1934 Chrysler Imperial Airflow (named “Annie”) at the Castle for the filming.

Before I share pictures, here’s a little information. The title of the movie is The Machine. It’s a short, gothic horror thriller (not usually my kind of film, but since Bacon’s Castle is involved, I’ll make an exception). The production company is Hand Me Down Films, based in Fairfax, Va.

Filming at Bacon’s Castle was done during the third week of February. “Annie’s” scenes were filmed the evening of February 22.  Motor Man and I dropped by and visited with John and Lynn and met members of the film crew.

Lynn shared these photos she took of Annie on the property.

annie1 2-22-2014 10-26-51 PM

It was COLD that night, and Lynn took refuge in the Castle during the filming. I love this picture she took through one of the windows.

annie2 2-23-2014 11-27-50 AM

That evening, Zack told us that the crew would be wrapping up filming the next day and invited us back to watch.

The next afternoon, Motor Man and I went back to the Castle, where filming was taking place in the basement. We were quiet as church mice each time Zack shouted “Action!”;  it was so interesting to see filming actually taking place.


Zack gave me permission to share these links:

The Machine’s Facebook page

Hand Me Down films

I wish Hand Me Down Films much success with The Machine, and I can’t wait to see Bacon’s Castle in her film debut (although I may be watching with my hands covering my face).

~These Days Of Mine~


23 responses to “Bacon’s Castle: Film Star

  1. What fun…….Bacon’s Castle is the perfect backdrop for a gothic horror film and the car just fits right in. These indie film companies do a good job – I wish them a lot of success.


  2. I am such a car gal! Love Annie and the picture your friend took of her through the window. Bacon’s Castle is such a snap worthy place so why not do a film there? I thought Marshall had starred in a short film at the Castle.. hmmm. Good Morning Dianna!

  3. HOpe the movie is a success….reminds me of the gothic thriller written about the Castle about 70 years ago. And, of course, I can’t remember the name of it.
    Annie looks good at the Castle.

  4. hmmm…gothic horror is not my genre either. Never say never. Exceptions have to be made. I wonder if “the machine” is the car. Will have to watch to find out.

  5. How exciting.

  6. Wonderful – I might have to see that, although it’s not my genre either. Love seeing things with local ties though and looking for things I recognize.

  7. I’m with you — that kind of film isn’t my idea of entertainment, but I know you’ll enjoy your special castle in the movie. That car is awesome. Looks like you had fun watching the process. Our little hometown was transformed by Hollywood a few years ago when a Richard Gere movie was filmed here. Unfortunately, the movie was not a hit (it was one of those spooky ones too) but it was fun to see our little town and people we knew (who were extras) in the movie.

  8. How exciting! Let us all know when it’s released. I’ll watch it!

  9. What a marvelous experience! I love the castle and the car and the photos. BTW, Richard Gere was here too for a brief clip in the filming of Sommersby! I didn’t see him but I saw our town totally transformed to the Civil War’s end-days, with dirt streets and old facades. Fascinating stuff.

  10. The perfect spot for that car, and the perfect spot for that type of film… I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with this !

  11. What fun to see a movie being filmed! Bacon,s Castle is a wonderful spot for a movie, but like you I am not big on horror films. Please do let us know when it is coming on. Who ever knew the place we are from would be in a movie!

  12. What a great looking car. I agree that 2nd shot through the window is really cool looking. How fun to be on an actual movie set. I’m not sure about a “Gothic Thriller” but it might be something to check out.

  13. Annie was beautiful inside and out. Getting to spend time with John driving and giving me the car’s history during the filming was an absolute blast. Not often one gets to spend time in pieces of history like Annie and Bacon’s Castle.

  14. That car is awesome and it seems lots of fun there!
    Wish them a lot of success😃❤️

  15. How exciting. I’d love to see the movie just to see the castle.
    It’s so awesome you & MM and your friends got to experience that.
    I like that window picture too. It’s quite haunting. 😉

  16. That is a great shot of the car coming up the drive. How exciting to get to see the actual filming. I’m with you, not my film genre. How cool that you knew someone who could feature their car.

  17. What a fun thing! I’m like you, don’t like anything to do with horror films. So I won’t be seeing the movie. But I loved the feel of the “old” photos you posted! Amazing how having an old car in front of the house seems so authentic, even if the photos are in color instead of black and white. ~ Sheila

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