Wednesday In Hanover

Yesterday, Motor Man and I traveled a couple of hours north to Hanover Courthouse, Virginia.

The reason for the trip was to meet and have lunch with blogger,  Georgette Sullins. We’ve been following each other’s blogs for a couple of years, but hadn’t ever met.  Motor Man and I were a little early for lunch, so we drove around the area for awhile. And I found a few photo ops.

An antique shop (sadly, not open) in a charming old country store building.

2 frogs 3-12-2014 9-08-09 AM

And this sign post, covered in tennis shoes. Later, when we arrived at the restaurant for lunch, we asked our hostess about it and learned the sad story. In January, a popular jogger (34 years old, wife and mother of three young children) was struck and killed while jogging in the area. The tennis shoe-covered post is a tribute to her.

hickory hill tennis shoes 3-12-2014 9-06-45 AM

The restaurant where we had lunch was historic Hanover Tavern; the earliest surviving sections date to 1791.

hanover tavern 3-12-2014 9-09-14 AM

Georgette was joined by her daughter, son-in-law and eighteen month old grandson. It was great to finally meet in person. (Funny thing: Motor Man was taking pictures of us with our camera, Georgette’s daughter was taking pictures with hers, and her son-in-law had his cell phone. We felt like celebrities, but none of my photos show us both looking in the same direction!)

db and georgette 3-12-2014 12-21-18 PM

The food was yummy, the tavern was beautiful, and it was so special to meet Georgette and her family.


26 responses to “Wednesday In Hanover

  1. What great photos….not familiar with Hanover but love the antiques store and the tavern building too. It’s always wonderful meeting someone in person that you’ve gotten to know online. I’m sure a great time was had by all! Very sad about the jogger – fitting tribute to her though with the “tennis shoe tree”.


  2. Good Morning Dianna! Blog meet ups are just so special! Nice to “see” Georgette.. 🙂 And LUNCH too! How fun. The antique shop looks very interestin’!

  3. Thank you for making the trip! It was great fun meeting you and MM. You took some interesting photos arriving early and we were so lucky the weather held out. Such a sad story about the jogger.
    ooo…it gets very nippy in VA. This morning my sister handed me something called “winter silks”…I suspect they are what cowboys call long johns.

  4. What a nice time for you all. And, I enjoyed learning a little more about Hanover County. I’ve past that antique store several times and thought what a waste that it is closed. Nice tribute to the jogger who lost her life doing what she loved to do.

  5. So glad to put a face to the name, Georgette… I’m Dianna’s sister and I, too, look forward to your blog. I’m so glad you could finally meet.
    I know it was a fun day…and, I agree, it’s very sad about the jogger.
    Look forward to seeing your blog when you return home.

  6. hungryhungryhippo404

    A lovely post! Very sad about the jogger. What a special and oh so appropriate tribute to have in her memory 🙂

  7. Thanks for a great post! I would like to visit the antique store. Two Frogs On A Bike is that the name of this store?

  8. Coming over from PIx to see your blog today!!! I think you have a great one !!! Glad to join the family over here at These Days of Mine!!!!

  9. oh, how neat! love georgette!!!

  10. I love Georgette too and it’s wonderful that you got to meet her and her family. Your photos are so interesting too although the one with the tennis shoes is very sad when you know the story.

  11. Another great adventure for you and meeting a new friend to boot!

  12. Oh, two of my favorite blogging friends together! So nice to ‘see’ both you and Georgette on your lunch trip here. Lucky girls, getting to meet in person, what fun you two must have had! 🙂

  13. Another great meet and greet !
    .. & what amazing old buildings.. love the antique store; there’s just something about those columns!

  14. What a great way to make friends thru your blog. Your trip was well worth it by the looks of your pics. What a kind way for the town to show their respect to the jogger.

  15. How wonderful for two bloggers to meet in real life!

  16. Oh, those charming little old country stores usually have the best finds too. What a wonderful day with new friends.

  17. Sounds like a lovely day for meeting with a friend. The town looks like it’s full of nostalgia. I like that. That’s so sad about the tennis shoes. The folks in the area must be good people to honor the lady jogger like that. It’s bittersweet.

  18. What a fantastic day. Lot’s of joy meeting up with your blogging buddy too. The only thing that would have made it any better was an opened Antique store. I’m always a little sad to find them closed too.

  19. Beatrice P. Boyd

    Meeting a fellow bigger is a wonderful experience and Pat and I have been so fortunate to have done it at least 8X over the past few years. Whenever we expect to be in or near an area where they live, we have made it a point to contact in advance and arrange a meeting. It has always been such fun. Glad your meeting with Georgette as just as great and a bonus to meet other family members too.

  20. How fun and special to meet a fellow blogger. I hope to do that someday.
    Sounds like a great time was had. That is a sad story about the Tennis Shoe pole.

  21. Oh, lucky you! It’s nice to “see” Georgette. Hanover’s a lovely little town. I like that antique shop, and its cute name.

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  23. How fun! Another blogger lunch! And another great old restaurant! What a treat to live in your part of the country! Maybe in my next life!

    The shoe memorial is interesting. Sobering. ~ Sheila

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