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Chincoteague! Day 2

On our second day of our Chincoteague trip, we took a bus tour of Assateague Island. The tour is offered by the Chincoteague National History Association. It lasts about two hours and travels to areas not open to the general public.

Many of our fellow travelers were “birders”, interested in the many native birds on the island. And almost everyone was anxious to see the wild ponies.

horses wetlands 5-4-2014 11-00-36 AM

Can you just imagine the “oohs” when we rode by this mom and her one-week old foal?

mom and babe2 5-4-2014 11-03-46 AM

As I was looking through my photos, I thought this next one might be of the same mom and baby. But after careful scrutiny, I discovered that it isn’t.  This is definitely my favorite picture from the tour.

mom and babe from back 5-4-2014 11-34-57 AM 5-4-2014 11-34-57 AM

A couple of our fellow passengers were owners of “buyback” ponies, so they were ready with binoculars, trying to spot their ponies. Several of them were very familiar with the horses, knew their names and which mares were normally with which stallions, etc. It made the tour even more interesting.

In addition to the birds and ponies, our driver also pointed this out to us: a tiny screech owl in one of the squirrel boxes.

owl1 5-4-2014 11-20-51 AM

As you can tell from the pictures, we had a beautiful day to tour the island.

pony and bird 5-4-2014 11-26-10 AM

Tomorrow, I’ll “wrap up” our Chincoteague trip, but I promise: no ponies.  Well, no REAL ones, anyway.

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