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It’s been awhile since I participated in a Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, but I thought I’d try one of the prompts this week.

3.) Begin with “I wish someone had told me…”

I wish someone had told me, when I boarded the school bus for the first time at six years old, how to handle the bullies.  Because they would make my school life miserable for the next twelve  years.

First Grade

First Grade

I wish someone had told me, when I was a teenager in high school, that the other kids that I thought were “stuck up” were most likely just as shy and insecure as I was.

db 14 4-30-2014 7-37-35 PM

I wish someone had told me, when Marshall was a baby, how quickly the years would pass. (Oh, wait, I think everyone did.)

marshall toes

I wish someone had told me to document the details of every story my Mom ever shared with me.

dianne mom

I wish someone had told me, many, many years ago, to speak up for myself and not be intimidated by everyone and everything. Motor Man was, finally, that someone.

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