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Chincoteague! This And That…

Just a few random shots from our weekend trip.

Although our hotel rooms were on the third floor, when I awoke Sunday morning, I heard ducks quacking. You may recall that we have several here at home that love me visit me for food. I went to the balcony, and saw two female ducks with several ducklings.  One duckling had gone astray, and a mama duck was trying to corral him; that was the reason for all the quacking.

duck and ducklings 5-4-2014 6-22-03 AM

After breakfast at the hotel, we took a little walk down the street and passed Miss Molly’s Inn Bed and Breakfast. Isn’t it charming?

miss mollys inn 5-4-2014 8-40-24 AM

Many of you mentioned that you recall reading the children’s book Misty of Chincoteague. There’s a statue of Misty in downtown Chincoteague, and we had our pictures taken with her.

jrdb misty staute2 5-4-2014 8-45-27 AM

When Donna and I were little girls, reading the Misty book, visiting Chincoteague was something we never imagined we’d ever do.

donna db misty best 5-4-2014 8-45-54 AM

Our weekend included a little walk on the beautiful beach at Chincoteague. I love Donna’s red hair! She was scanning the beach for sea glass when I took this picture.

donna on the beach 5-3-2014 5-04-12 PM

See? I did manage to write a post about Chincoteague without a single picture of a (real) pony.

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