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Finally: Seaglass!

Growing up on the coast of Virginia, collecting seashells was something I did as a child.  And, as an adult, I’ve picked up quite a few through the years.

But I’d never really heard much about seaglass until recently.   And, then, finding just one tiny piece of seaglass became something I really wanted to do. When Motor Man and I ride out on the beach at the Outer Banks, I’m really more interested in looking for wild horses. But I have spent a little time scanning the shoreline for interesting shells. And seaglass.  But to no avail.

Yesterday morning, my friend, Donna, and I spent some time beachcombing on a little section of a nearby beach. Donna would like me to say that I found this, but she actually spotted it, screamed and pointed at it….and later said that I had found it.

seaglass 5-18-2014 9-41-10 AM

It’s a very dark orange/almost amber color and smooth as silk. Motor Man waited for me in the truck, and the three of us later compared my newly acquired seaglass to the color of Donna’s hair.

db donna seaglass 5-18-2014 9-41-24 AM

It was a bit chilly (and very windy as you can tell by our hair), but what a beautiful morning to walk the beach.


So, with a little help from a friend, I now have my first piece of seaglass. I would like to say that finding the next one might not be so difficult, but I know better.

~These Days Of Mine~