Daily Archives: May 29, 2014

Sunset Swan, Part 1

Late last Friday afternoon, I sensed by the clouds that we’d have a pretty sunset. But then, I got busy making a card in my little studio, and almost forgot to check the sky.

sunset 5-23-2014 8-00-42 PM

Once I glanced out the window, I was glad I still had time to get a few pictures.

groom2 5-23-2014 7-57-39 PM

Especially since someone else was enjoying the show.

groom swan 5-23-2014 7-58-00 PM

Groom Swan is featured in this sunset, but Bride Swan will have her “day in the sun” in an upcoming post.

sunset last 5-23-2014 8-05-45 PM

And I’ll give you a little hint: it promises to be beautiful.

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