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Future Sunday Adventure?

As I’ve shared before, Motor Man and I take his mother (Motor Mum) to lunch nearly every Sunday. Afterward, we take her for a ride or off on a little adventure.

Recently I was in our local pharmacy, and the pharmacist, who knows Motor Mum, inquired about her. I shared with her that we were always in search of a new adventure. She asked if we’d been to Wild Birds Unlimited. I was familiar with the shop, but hadn’t been in our local one. The pharmacist told me that they have a little deck off to the side of the shop, where you can sit and bird watch.

Motor Man and I were in the area yesterday after dinner, and we decided to give it a “trial run”.

The shop is located in a commercial area, but there’s a residential development directly behind it.  There are flowers in colors meant to attract birds, especially hummingbirds.

flowers 7-1-2014 5-40-49 PM

Comfy rockers await bird watchers.

rockers 7-1-2014 5-42-18 PM

While an employee attempted to “shoo” away the invasive blue jays and house sparrows,  blue birds came to feed just a few feet from us. (This photo was taken with a zoom lens (they weren’t quite this close.)

bluebird 7-1-2014 5-49-48 PM

There is so much to see in the shop itself: bird seed, bird baths, bird feeders and yard art. (I did quite a bit of window-shopping.) The employees were very welcoming and urged us to bring Motor Mum in for a visit.

Yes, I do believe we have an idea for a future Sunday adventure.

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