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Perfect, Part 2

After saying good-bye to the picturesque town of Edenton Saturday afternoon, Motor Man and I traveled (about an hour) on to the Outer Banks, where we stayed the night.

Early Sunday morning, but not quite early enough for sunrise, we drove up on the beach at Corolla.

sunrise 7-6-2014 5-57-01 AM

Just as Saturday had been, the weather was perfect.

fence 7-6-2014 8-04-06 AM

We saw 17 horses during our trip, including this family of three.

family 7-6-2014 8-10-04 AM

You may recognize the little one from a previous post; we saw him on our last trip.  Corolla Wild Horse Fund responded to my inquiry about him; his name is Eugenio, and he was born last November. He was the only foal born during the winter.

eugenio sea grass7-6-2014 8-09-56 AM 7-6-2014 8-09-56 AM

We caught this group in the special lighting that only comes during “golden hour”. It’s my favorite time of day to go in search of the horses.

golden hour 7-6-2014 6-32-20 AM

I was hoping this one would raise her head, but she didn’t.  She was too busy having breakfast.

horse in golden light 7-6-2014 6-34-28 AM

As a supporter of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, I should mention that Currituck County law states that you must keep a minimum of 50 feet from the horses. In many of my photos, they appear much closer. I use a zoom lens (often), and some of my pictures are cropped, which, of course, also makes the horses seem closer than they actually are. 

On the way home, we stopped to visit Aggie.  Thankfully, there’s no minimum distance ordinance for her.

db and aggie 7-6-2014 11-49-11 AM

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