Daily Archives: July 9, 2014

Cooling Off The Swans

It’s been hot and dry here for the past few days. Monday evening, I was out in the yard, watering some plants and filling bird baths.

Groom Swan had come to investigate just what it was that I was doing. Not knowing what his reaction would be, I gently sprayed the garden hose in his direction.

To my surprise, he liked it and began drinking from the spray!

groom drinking 7-7-2014 8-03-09 PM

If you look carefully, you’ll see Bride Swan in the background. (She comes up in the yard, but doesn’t wander around like Groom Swan does.) So I took the water hose to where she was. She liked it, too. In addition to lapping at the water, they both began preening their feathers.

bride1 7-7-2014 8-05-47 PM

It was quite the maneuver to hold both the garden hose (aimed in the right direction) and my cell phone to get pictures. My late-afternoon shadow is the only time my legs are ever long…

bride and groom 7-7-2014 8-07-04 PM

Now, in addition to watering the plants and filling the bird baths on these hot afternoons, I have another chore: helping the swans stay cool. Whatever it takes!

~These Days Of Mine~