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Perfect, Part 1

After our (thankfully) brief brush with Hurricane Arthur Thursday evening and Friday morning, the weather could not have been more beautiful for the holiday weekend. The skies were picture-perfect-blue, the humidity was low, and the temps were in the low 80’s. Just perfect.

Saturday morning, Motor Man and I ventured south about 80 miles to the little town of Edenton, North Carolina. We had driven through the town several times over the years, but had never stopped for a visit. Until I did research for this post, I didn’t know that Edenton was the first permanent settlement in North Carolina, discovered in 1658 by settlers venturing out from Jamestown.

Today, tourism is big in Edenton, and the town prides itself on the friendliness of its residents. Motor Man and I certainly found that to be true Saturday.

Our visit focused on the Edenton Harbor. The Roanoke River Lighthouse (built in 1886) was moved in recent years to Edenton’s waterfront from its original location in the Albemarle Sound and restored. It’s expected to open to the public in August. That may necessitate another visit…

roanoke river lighthouse 7-5-2014 11-42-09 AM

While waiting for time for our harbor tour, Motor Man and I walked along the waterfront.

jrdb lighthouse 7-5-2014 11-55-35 AM

Our harbor cruise was aboard the Liber Tea, an electric (very quiet) boat which accomodates six passengers. The boat is named in honor of Edenton’s tea party movement in 1774, organized by 51 Edenton ladies.

liber tea 7-5-2014 11-55-09 AM

Hello, Cap’n Mark. (By the way, if you’re ever in the Edenton area, you should definitely take his tour. It’s wonderful.)

capn mark 7-5-2014 12-32-51 PM

After our cruise, we stopped in town at Blount’s Pharmacy for hand-dipped ice cream cones, then left Edenton for “Perfect, Part 2”, which I’ll share in tomorrow’s post.

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