Daily Archives: July 4, 2014

Random Five Friday For The Fourth

R5F on Independence Day! Here are today’s top five random thoughts:

1.)  Hurricane Arthur is the top story around here right now. The storm is moving off to our east – to the Atlantic. It’s breezy and rainy in our area, but nothing severe. And the rain is supposed to end by late morning. We’re waiting for word on any damage in the Outer Banks.


2.) I think I’ve mentioned before that Sundae has her own “blankie” and likes for us to put it over her. Earlier this week, we had done that, and a little later, Motor Man spotted this: she had started emerging from under the throw, then stopped, and was just lying there. We laughed at the fringe hanging over her head. She seemed completely unaware.

sundae blanket 7-1-2014 3-47-07 PM

3.) I have a new motto this week (as seen on a t-shirt in a catalog): “Oops! Did I just roll my eyes out loud?”.

4.) Saw this adorable bird feeder on Pinterest, and am planning to comb the thrift shops in search of cut glass to make my own. Then I’ll need to learn to drill holes in glass…..or ask Motor Man to do it.

glass birdfeeder

5.) Arthur may have been a bad storm, but the leading clouds made for a pretty sunrise yesterday morning.

arthurs clouds 7-3-2014 6-31-32 AM

Happy Independence Day everyone. Be safe.

~These Days Of Mine~