Daily Archives: July 1, 2014

Tennis Shoe Photo Bomb

Yes, that’s an unusual blog post title. Allow me to explain.

You’ve all heard the expression “photo bomb”: someone or something that enters the shot just as a picture is taken….sometimes ruining the picture, sometimes adding a little something to it.

Yesterday, at the shop, Gypsy was being a lap kitty. I turned her over in my lap, so she was lying on her back like she did when she was a little kitten. Remember these days?

gypsy lap 8-22-2013 7-02-11 PM

I raised my cell phone up high to take a picture of her.


Once I uploaded the picture to the computer, I noticed that, in the shot, I’d also captured Motor Man’s tennis shoe-clad foot.

So it appears that either Gypsy is wearing a tennis shoe hat, or Motor Man is pushing on her head with his foot.

Either way: tennis shoe photo bomb.

~These Days Of Mine~