There’s really nothing pretty about this abandoned boat we saw in the Outer Banks last weekend.

It’s dirty, and it’s anchored in dirty water.

Obviously, it’s had no attention for a long time: no sailing trips, no maintenance, not even a simple cleaning. And it appears to have, literally, “hit bottom”.

What circumstances caused the owner to abandon his boat: financial difficulties? Poor health? Death? Whatever the reason for its neglect, it’s sad to see it in such sad condition.

neglected boat 8-31-2014 7-48-28 AM

But this neglected old boat makes for an interesting, if not pretty, picture in the magic that is morning’s golden hour.

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Abandoned

  1. The old lonely boat……reminds me of the feeling I get when I see an old abandoned house…..you have to wonder “why”……… Nice photo though!


  2. One thing, there appears to be no hole in the bottom or it would have sunk…or perhaps it has if the water basin bottom is holding it up. It seems to be listing too perhaps from rain captured on the passenger deck. Lovely reflection in the calm water.

  3. Oh the stories this boat could tell……

  4. So sad!! You do wonder why when you see something that looks undamaged but neglected!

  5. I agree with you. It’s just a “boat” but to see things in such a condition touches my heart and I would like to work on this boat :o)

  6. Olde Towne Photos

    There were a lot of old abandoned boats and barns on the Eastern Shore that provided fodder for photographers but the powers that be decided to do a clean sweep and they are few and far between. I guess it’s for the better of the community.

  7. Great photo. We used to have a boat in a marina in Deltaville and I always wondered about those boats sitting for years neglected and rotting away.

  8. Sad to see. You do have to wonder.. pretty picture!

  9. Often those ‘sad’ objects make some of the best photography. This one will evoke lots of different feelings and thoughts as your readers view it. We can imagine the story behind the photo. And that makes it a good piece of art! So even though it may not be a pretty picture like we’re used to seeing on your blog, it’s definitely artful. I personally like it!!

  10. it is a great photo subject.

  11. Yes, a great subject!

  12. I think I’ve seen this boat too. Wondered why some kids haven’t tried to rescue it and fix it up. I guess kids don’t do things like that anymore. I’m sure if it could talk it would have some interesting stories to tell.

  13. You are so clever with your photos Dianna. This one has a stark beauty that is just fascinating. I think you should have a gallery “showing” of all your photos. . 🙂

  14. “stark beauty” is right … sort of like a ghost town..
    You do have to wonder … ?

  15. A really lovely capture with a sense of melancholy.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sad but lovely picture!

  17. I can’t help it .. I think of “Jaws” … duh duh duh …. MJ

  18. It is a beautiful picture with the wonderful reflection.

  19. It truly is sad to see such a fine and expensive creation so poorly neglected and left to the elements. It does make for a great photo though,

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