Depression Glass…Sea Glass

Recently, Motor Man bought this wonderful book on sea glass for me. My friend, Donna, had loaned me her copy a few months ago, but since it was a loan, I felt that I should return it to her in a timely fashion. (I have Donna to thank for this sea glass obsession I now have.)

seaglass book

Yes, those are a few pieces of sea glass from my collection.

When I had Donna’s copy, I didn’t notice this article, featuring a Depression Glass Cookie Jar in the Princess pattern, circa 1935.

depression glass page in book

It just so happens that I have one exactly like it that belonged to my mom.

depression cookie jar

Over the years, I’ve looked in antique shops wherever I saw Depression Glass, but have never seen one like it.

Who would have ever thought I’d find information about it in…a book on sea glass?

~These Days Of Mine~

19 responses to “Depression Glass…Sea Glass

  1. You’re right, Dianna, I’ve never seen a Depression Glass cookie jar in all the antiques malls I’ve haunted over the years. It is just wonderful!!

  2. And I don’t remember ever seeing this!!! It’s so unusual I know I would remember it!

  3. I’ve seen a few books about sea glass – they’re great for research purposes and because it’s so interesting where the glass actually comes from. Glad you have your own copy of that one now and of course it’s extra nice that you have an item that’s identical to one that’s in the book.


  4. I love coincidences like that! I wish the author would come closer or that the Seaglass convention would be in Virginia Beach again this year. That is a beautiful delicate Princess cookie jar–do we need to look for more pieces??
    Looking forward to our antiquing this weekend my friend!
    JR was nice to get you that book-it is a wonderful reference book and a feast for the eyes too. Now that I think about it, mine was a gift from a friend too.

  5. What a great find! So many great subjects to learn about. 🙂

  6. Love it! I’m still on my hunt for my first piece of sea glass. Love my depression glass pieces. Isn’t glass beautiful? My hubby and I share a love for it and zero in on it at all of our antique haunts. Your sea glass and cookie jar are beautiful!!

  7. The sea glass is lovely with its pastel, soft colors. I know you will turn the pages of your new book time and time again. Such a thoughtful gift. What fun to identify your mother’s cookie jar in that book.

  8. I think sea glass is so fascinating and now you have your own reference book on it, way cool. That cookie jar is beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of depression glass too but never anything like that. You’ve got a gem there, Dianna!

  9. Love our sea glass collection of about 15 years from our beach in Kitty Hawk. I’m afraid I’m responsible for many being “hooked”.

  10. I like how you coordinated some of your pieces with what’s on the book cover ….
    & I remember seeing that jar countless times over the years… isn’t it great ( & unusual) to spot something in a book & know -without a doubt- that you have one ? Because there’s no question here !

  11. How beautiful that sea glass is. I marvel that I never have found one piece and I grew up on beaches. The book makes a lovely gift and how perfect is it that you found your Mom’s cookie jar there. I too love Depression glass and have a collection of “Spoke” pattern dinner plates started by my Mom.

  12. Congrats on solving the mystery as well as receiving your own copy of “Pure Sea Glass!” FYI… the national sea glass festival (yes, there is one!) is being held in Cape May, NJ on Sept 27 & 28, 2014. The author of your book will be there to sign copies as well as many sea glass artisans (including me) and thousands of collectors from around the world.
    You can get more info here:

  13. Your sea glass is so pretty. I’ve never seen a cookie jar in Depression glass. What a treasure!

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The sea glass is lovely and what a treasure to have that cookie jar.

  15. Over the years I’ve broken the lids on several cookie jars–and then thrown the jar away. Maybe many depression glass cookie jars met similar fates.

  16. .. Depression Glass … ahhh! So very pretty but yes = who knew you’d learn about it in a book on sea glass?* (which look like candy don’t you know! )


  17. There’s nothing like the feel of a new book. MM is a sweetie to give you such a special gift. That’s so neat about your Mom’s cookie jar like one in the book. It must have been a special edition cookie jar at the time. It’s lovely.

  18. That is a fantastic cookie jar! I have never seen one like it! How wonderful to find it in you book too. Have a great week-end 🙂

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