Random Five Friday

Another Friday; another five random thoughts.

1.) You may recall my post a couple of months ago about my friend, Shirley’s, peacocks.  I learned last week that one of the peacocks, who had been in Shirley’s family for many years, recently died.  This is in memory of George.


2.) My little hummie is still visiting. I sure am going to miss him when he migrates south. Safe travels, my tiny friend.

hummie17-25-2014 2-16-09 PM 7-25-2014 2-16-09 PM

3.) Monday morning, it began raining in our area, and when it stopped on Tuesday morning, we’d had over 12 inches. Many county roads were flooded, and classes at the public schools were cancelled for the day.

high water1 9-9-2014 7-44-08 AM 9-9-2014 7-44-08 AM

4.) But, Wednesday morning, the sun broke through those clouds, and gave us a beautiful day.

sunrise 9-10-2014 7-11-59 AM

5.) Tomorrow, my friend and I plan to go antiquing, have lunch and visit a local greenhouse/nursery. After seeing this why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-before idea on Pinterest, I’m ready for pansies and pumpkins.

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Your random thoughts and plans for the weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Peacocks are so lovely, but they frighten me to death when they scream out! It’s so shrill and unexpected. Here’s to George!

  2. Sorry George has passed away. They are magnificent birds. No rain for us here just north of you but the days are getting cooler and thoughts of pumpkins and pansies and beautiful leaves are beginning to creep in!


  3. I’m very sorry to hear about George, please give Shirley a hug for me♥ I totally love the pansies pumpkin idea, thanks for sharing:)

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this news about George. How wonderful they had him for many years.
    I wonder if our hummingbirds have further south to go.

  5. RIP, George. I didn’t know they were long-lived. The only peacock I’ve ever seen was a pure white one. But they’re beautiful birds.

  6. Love peacocks, but living out in the country while growing up, we didn’t know that the ‘children screaming’ were peacocks because we had never seen them. They lived through the woods from us. We thought the children were getting ‘spanked’. Funny how children view things, right? I know she’ll miss her peacock, George.
    Love the pics – especially after the storm.

  7. George was one handsome bird! Enjoy your fun weekend and bring on the pumpkins 🙂

    PS – “your” hummie? Adorable! MJ

  8. Too bad about George, he was a beauty. That pumpkin/pansy idea is really cute! Can’t wait to see photos when you do that idea!

  9. Love the pumpkin and pansies idea.

  10. Your weeks are always so interesting! I love the pumpkin pansy idea too.

  11. Pinterest is a source of infinite ideas. Addictive, isn’t it? George was one handsome boy, wasn’t he?

  12. So sorry about George.. such a handsome bird. Your sunrise photo is beautiful! We have been having lots of rain too and storms but not even close to 12 inches! We put our hummer feeder out last week to help the little zoomers stoke up before the big migration. We didn’t feed the hummers this year because we didn’t think we would be able to keep the feeder filled through September when they really needed it. Good Morning Dianna!

  13. wow, that’s a lot of rain! i’m praying for some here!

  14. Sorry to hear about George…. I think I remember him from an earlier post ??
    & It’s been a while since we had that much rain at once…
    If you find a good yellow flower to mix in with the whites, you could have sort of a “candy corn” theme going !

  15. That was a good picture of George. Now the Chappells only have one peacock left and they have had peacocks for many years. I bet you and your friend will have the BEST time tomorrow antiquing and shopping and Farmer Joes and talking and laughing and I cannot wait! It has been too long!

  16. Birthday celebration for us. It sounds like you have a fantastic day in store–enjoy!

  17. I’m sad to hear about your friend’s peacock.Your photo of George shows he was a very handsome fellow and would’ve be a joy to have as a family member.
    Isn’t hummers an extra special joy of summer? It’s sad when they migrate. An empty hummingbird feeder is a sure sign the winter is not too far off.
    Omg, that’s a scary amount of rain. It’s good they took precautions and canceled the classes for the day.
    Looks like Wednesday came in with a beautiful start and helped dry up the sadness of the day before.
    The pumpkin vase is such a simple and pretty idea. I’m like you, I don’t know why it wasn’t thought of before. mmm…I could make vases like this with my round squash too, if I can remember it next year.
    Have a wonderful day of shopping fun and a great weekend.

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Peacocks are lovely birds, sorry about Shirley’s. Your hummingbird is so sweet hope it stays a little longer. I really like the ideal with the pumpkin and flowers.

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